Dexshell Pro Visibility Cycling Socks

Dexshell Pro Visibility Cycling Socks


Dexshell Pro Visibility Cycling Socks


Simon Tuck


Dexshell have been keeping my feet dry for several Winters now. Here’s a preview of their latest offering. Dexshell’s Pro Visibility waterproof socks offer built-in visibility for riding in the dark.


Dexshell Pro Visibility Cycling Socks


It seems to be a fairly accepted thing amongst cyclists who regularly ride in the wet. Any clothing designed to be waterproof will keep water out, maybe indefinitely or maybe for a certain amount of time that’s long enough to get a ride in. The only problem with being very waterproof is that as well as stopping water from getting through to your skin, the barrier also prevents sweat and hot air getting out to some extent. It doesn’t matter how good the garment is, you will get damp one way or the other.


The worst place to get wet is your feet. They’re in the spray, even more so if you don’t have mudguards. Shoes don’t tend to be waterproof. Shoecovers help prevent getting too wet, but it’s a bit like sticking your finger in the dam. They have to have holes in for your ankle and your cleats to stick out of. Eventually the water soaks in somewhere and will get to your socks. The water soaks down your whole body and your shoes fill with water, which is now held in by the waterproof shoecovers. It can feel quite unpleasant.


Dexshell Pro Visibility cycling socks 1


If you’ve got waterproof socks on this isn’t a big problem though. Especially if they’re good waterproof socks. The huge range of Dexshell socks could leave you a bit confused. All of the socks are waterproof, but some are more breathable than others, some are warmer than others. I particularly liked their Thermlite socks when I reviewed them here. These Pro Visibility Cycling Socks are designed with a 360′ reflective band around the cuff to aid visibility. They also have a hi-vis band which helps in the daylight or when there’s not enough ambient light to reflect off the reflective band.


I guess this means I need to go and get wet, hopefully not too soon as I’ve got a 24 hour race next weekend. When I’ve tested the Dexshell Pro Visibility cycling socks I’ll let you know what I think and what their strengths are and where they fit into your wardrobe.


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