Crankalicious Product Preview


Crankalicious Product Preview


Simon Tuck


I’ve waxed lyrical about Crankalicious in previous reviews here and here. It’s a spin-off company of a legendary car wax manufacturer. They kindly sent me some more of their products to try out. I will mention again that they are Team Wiggins Official Bike Care Partner. Here’s a list of the items they sent and what I plan to do with them. Keep your eye out for the follow up articles/ reviews.





Pineapple Express KWIPE Sachets


Pineapple Express KWIPE 2


Pineapple Express is “a rapid acting spray wash for use on all areas of the frame, brakes and contact points”. A KWIPE is a ‘quick wipe’. In the recyclable plastic sachet you get just enough of the product to do one bike, and a biodegradable wipe to apply it. In the case of the Pineapple Express version of the KWIPE, you just wipe all over your bike and then rinse off.


I’ll be riding a tandem for 24 hours around Brands Hatch at Revolve24 this month. These KWIPES will be part of my kit. They take up a lot less space than a cloth and a bottle of product, and I hope to get some other riders to try them out too if I’m not too knackered!



Mud Honey Foaming Bucket Wash


Crankalicious Mud Honey


Mud Honey is another product from the Crankalicious ‘Remove’ section of products. The description says it’s “a pH-neutral foaming bucket wash, for use on all areas of your bike”. When I clean my bikes I tend to use a bucket with cheap car wash in it to get rid of all the grease and road dirt.


It’ll be interesting to see if Mud Honey makes much of a difference. The main benefit I can see is that it’s recommended for ‘all areas’ so it’s safe to use on braking surfaces. I tend to avoid brakes and rims with the car wash as it often contains additives to add shine.



Chain Cleaning Kit


Crankalicious Chain Cleaning Kit


Crankalicious have a few different bundles of related products so you can buy them slightly cheaper together. The Chain Cleaning Kit consists of a Sprocket Rocket chain cleaning tool, a Cell Foam chain cleaning sponge, and a 500ml bottle of Gumchained Remedy chain cleaner to use with it.


I often find myself explaining the benefits of chain cleaning and lubing to people. Some of them listen and try their best to follow up my advice, others just see their bike as a load of consumable parts and when it stops working they either take it to the bike shop or ask me very nicely to replace the broken parts depending on how close our friendship is.


I’m working on an article about how I personally clean chains, why you need to clean them, and what to do once they’re clean. I acknowledge everyone has their own methods, but I’ve never had a broken chain yet and I quite often get asked how I get my chain so shiny. At the very least you’ll be able to read it and disagree slightly with it, more positively you might end up getting more miles out of each chain, and cassette, and chainring!! There’s loads of videos on the Crankalicious website showing you how they recommend you use their products too.


Crankalicious Website


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