Team Sky Get Kitted Out For 2015

Team Sky Get Kitted Out For 2015


Team Sky Get Kitted Out For 2015


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Paul Carr and a truly gargantuan kit order as Team Sky Get Kitted Out For 2015


Now that 2015 is upon us, Team Sky are gearing up for the season ahead. In this short video, Paul Carr, Rapha’s account manager to Team Sky, supplies a brief synopsis, on how (very modestly, I might add) they deliver on a vast kit order.


There are only three – yes, only three – people, plus Paul to gather, process and package a shipment of approximately 1200 items going to 90 riders and staff over at Team Sky.

Team Sky Get Kitted Out For 2015!

In this video, Paul talks us through this epic operation. Each rider receives a package of 800 pieces of kit, including race clothing, on-bike items, casual clothing, footwear, socks and pants. He smiles when telling us about of huge excitement the riders have when it is time for the annual kit delivery. Nicolas Roche, for instance, was super thrilled to be signing for Sky because of the suitcase he was about to receive…


He explains that because cyclists are not all built the same, most of the kit is tailor made for the individual rider – Paul goes on to add that some of the riders have very particular detailing specific only to them. So no bulk print job here then.


As well as having to offer bespoke fittings, Rapha also has to be mindful of rider aversions and allergic sensitivities – like in the case of Vasil Kiryienka. He, poor chap, is averse to Silicone, so all of his wearables have to be free from the substance.


As I mentioned earlier, there are only three people to handle this, logistical headache, yet they get it sorted, allocated, packed and shipped in a week. A round of applause, please!



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