News: Foldylock Compact

News: Foldylock Compact


News: Foldylock Compact


Paul Horta-Hopkins


We take a brief look at a new compact bike lock from Seatylock, called the Foldylock Compact.


Seatylock are the makers of the Seatylock, a simple solution for commuters who needed to lock up their bikes and their saddles. It seems that saddle theft is a bit of an issue in commuter land. I can’t say I’ve ever experienced it myself, but I have seen plenty of bikes that have. Since then Seatylock have gone on to produce two other models that use the same folding link mechanism; the Foldylock Classic and Foldylock Forever. Their new product, the Foldylock Compact uses the same folding link design, but it’s smaller.


The Foldylock Compact is a novel approach to locking your bike
The Foldylock Compact is a novel approach to locking your bike


Seatylock’s designs use folding, hardened steel links to create a loop that is long enough to wrap around your frame, a wheel and a post. The links are covered in reinforced, military grade, UV treated polymer. This polymer keeps the links from rusting and protects your frame from scratches. The rivets are also made from hardened steel, designed to resist drilling.


The keys and cylinder are of an “automotive standard”, which should mean you won’t be able to open them with another Foldylock’s keys. Cheaper locks use generic keys; I was amazed when I found I could unlock another rider’s lock using my key. You’ll also get three keys with your Foldylock Compact, great if like me, you’re always losing them.


Despite it's name the Compact is long enough to do it's job
Despite it’s name the Compact is long enough to do it’s job


When un-folded the Foldylock Compact is eighty centimetres long and weighs one kilogram. The Compact can be mounted to your bottle cage, or you can strap it where you want with the provided straps. The case is designed to be rattle-free, which is a blessing. How often have you flinched as a bike goes past with it’s D-lock rattling like a set of discordant maracas!


After the success of their Seatylock, Foldylock Clasic and Forever, designers Shahaf Levavi and Michael Shenkerman are well on the way to meeting their Kickstarter target. We’ll be trying out one of their early Foldylock Compact locks and will let you know how it performs. Check out their original Kickstarter and durability videos below, to get an idea of how they work.






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