Fhoss FiArmband Review

Fhoss FiArmband Review


Fhoss FiArmband Review


Simon Tuck


The Fhoss FiArmband is a battery operated LED strip that wraps around just about anything to provide night visibility.


The Fhoss FiArmband is based around a silicone strip with a LED light at one end. This then slips into a washable sleeve that has a plastic spine in it. When stretched out the spine is rigid, but when you bend it, the armband curls up.


The Fhoss FiArmband is a simple bit of kit with many uses
The Fhoss FiArmband is a simple bit of kit with many uses


The actual technology is fairly simple and should be fairly hard wearing and problem free. The applications are limitless. You could put the FiArmband around your arm, wrist, leg, seat post or attach it to a bag. You could also wear it out walking at night or even jogging, if you like that sort of thing.


The Fhoss FiArmband is a bit like an updated version of the glowstick I suppose with some obvious differences. The FiArmband is battery operated and will last for around 100 hours. The light emitted is actually quite effective and can be seen from a fair distance. It has two modes, constant and flashing. The on/off button is clearly marked and easy to press. Once for constant light, twice for flashing, then press it once more to turn it off.



If you do a night ride like the Nightrider sportive, or the Dunwich Dynamo, the FiArmband would be great as an additional safety aid and the battery would be more than adequate to last all night. The washable sleeve has a reinforced hole at one end that you could put a zip tie through to hang it off of a bag to give you extra visibility at night.


I like the simplicity of the Fhoss FiArmband. It’s easy to put it around an arm or ankle to provide a bit of extra visibility and fits all shapes and sizes. It could even be used as an emergency light if you wrap it around your seat post. The battery lasts for ages and it takes a standard CR2032 watch battery.




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