Velobici Van Vinden Winter Jersey Review

Velobici Van Vinden Winter Jersey Review


Velobici Van Vinden Winter Jersey Review


Mark Tearle


Mark reviews the Velobici Van Vinden Winter Jersey.


The dark nights have drawn in, and though the weather may be unseasonably clement right now winter will soon blow hard – after a good deal of use during the tail end of last winter and into early Spring we gave the Vélobici Van-Vinden jersey a thorough testing – is this the jersey to see us through the coming winter?


The First time I wore this jersey was for an early season Audax – the aptly named Mad Jack’s John Sevoir Memorial audax, which takes place in February and is one of a number of Grimpeurs du Sud qualifying rides.


As I alluded to in the Van-Vinden Preview, the weather on this day was extremely adverse – starting out in sleet and snow, and with temperatures dipping around freezing, this was not something I was particularly prepared for, but since I had committed there was no ducking out, and I had the jersey, full of promise, to help see me through.


The Van-Vinden was my regular go-to jersey throughout February and March – eventually the gloves came off mid-April and the jersey has been packaged and stored as an investment for the Autumn/Winter season ahead and for a few night rides recently it has made an appearance – for my thoughts on the jersey…Read More >







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