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Reviews - Vittoria Rubino Pro Tech
Friday, November 7th, 2014


Vittoria Rubino Pro Tech


Simon Whiten


Vittoria Rubino Pro Tech


We have a load of different winter / high mileage training tyres in for review. First up here’s the Vittoria Rubino Pro Tech.


Vittoria Rubino Pro Tech

Vittoria tell us that the Rubino Pro Tech is a ‘poor weather condition tire’, which makes it sound ideal for this time of year. They recommend it for ‘challenging conditions and surfaces’, which again marries up well to the overused, pothole strewn London and South-east England roads in winter time.


The particular version of the Rubino we have, the Pro Tech version, comes with ‘an extra dense-woven sidewall protection layer for your safety’ which implies that this will be a tough tyre and should last well.

Vittoria Rubino Pro Tech
We are also told that it has ‘a wet-grip tread compound’ to handle the worst of winter. It is apparently a wear resistant tread with low rolling resistance.


The packaging proudly claims that the Rubino has a 150TPI casing. This refers to the thread density of the casing and stands for threads per inch (TPI). The casing can be made of a variety of materials, though the Rubino uses nylon.

Vittoria Rubino Pro Tech
Vittoria reckon that ‘for many sporting riders, folding tyres of around 150 TPI are a good all-round compromise of weight, rolling resistance, durability, and comfort’. We aim to find out.


Fortunately it should be a puncture free test as Vittoria’s PRB 2.0 breaker, designed to provide flat protection, is fitted between casing and tread. This all adds up to a very reasonable 265g per tyre on our scales.

Check back soon for the full review.

Vittoria Rubino Pro Tech RRP. £29.99

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