LUCK Power Meter Shoes

LUCK Power Meter Shoes


LUCK Power Meter Shoes


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The LUCK Power Meter Shoes may just be the ultimate in measuring cycling performance


Just when I was pondering the amount of things that I already have to plug-in to recharge on my bike and wondering where it might all end – what with electronic gears, GPS units, action cameras, LifeBEAM helmets, lights and so on – LUCK Cycling Shoes have introduced Power Meter Shoes at Eurobike…

Luck Racer 30
Spanish company LUCK have an online, do-it-yourself measuring system to ensure near perfect fit of their fully customised shoes, which also includes biomechanical correction. Their top of the range shoe is the LUCK Racer 3.0.
Luck Power Meter Shoes
More interesting than that though, is the fact that LUCK have managed to put a power meter into the sole of a shoe, which actually does seem like a logical step. It certainly solves all of the problems associated with having more than one bike and transferring power measuring systems between them. The shoe collects all the necessary information about the power output and the cadence of each leg independently.
Currently it’s set-up so you can send the data by Bluetooth to a mobile phone in real time, compatible with Android and I-phone, but by the time it’s launched we hope it maybe ANT+ compatible as well.
As the unit is an insert into the carbon sole, it’s easily interchangeable so if your shoes are damaged in a crash you can switch the system into a new pair of LUCK shoes. Clever.
Luck Power Meter Shoes
Though at the moment this is just a prototype, LUCK are aiming for the Power Meter shoes to be on the market in time for Christmas 2014.

And of course there’s a rechargeable battery in each shoe…
Luck Cycling Shoes

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