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Commuter - Carbon Friendly Workstand
Monday, September 15th, 2014


Carbon Friendly Workstand


Simon Whiten


Carbon Friendly Workstand promises not to damage your frame


Have you ever been worried about crushing your carbon beauty whilst clamping it in your workstand? Well there’s a new bicycle tooling company called Hirobel from Cleveland, Ohio, who have designed a clever frame clamp for workstands that reduces the likelihood of damage to carbon bicycle frames…


Hirobel Carbon Frame Clamp


Using grooved, rubber wheels and secure rubber bindings, their Carbon Frame Clamp is designed to hold a bicycle frame securely without damaging it by spreading the pressure across multiple contact points. Your bike can be rotated while in the work stand, giving easy access to all areas.
The Hirobel Carbon Frame Clamp is both trademark and patent pending, and all of the major components are proprietary designs, produced in Northeast Ohio.

The founders of Hirobel are Brandon Hirokawa and Marc Bellett. Brandon is a bike mechanic with twenty years’ experience and had the idea 5 years ago watching a fellow mechanic try to work on a bike without damaging the carbon fiber frame. He realised that there was not a sufficient or efficient way to secure a carbon bike to keep it steady while working on it, and after some market research, reckoned that most workstand clamps could actually do severe damage.
Hirobel Workstand

Marc brought the design expertise to create the Carbon Frame Clamp solution making sure it was easy to use and clamped bicycle frames in a way that cradled the frame securely, minimising compression on the frame tubes.

Hirobel Carbon Frame Clamp


As with all such innoavtions, funding is being sought on kickstarter, where you’ll find a lot more information and a video to demonstrate the stand.



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