Kuhl Saddle

Kuhl Saddle



Kuhl Saddle


Words Dan Saunders


May 2013


Finding the right saddle can be a never ending quest; while some will endure sore posteriors in the search for the lightest perch, others will rub proofing cream into leather saddles until they become as one with their nether regions. Dan Saunders will be testing an inflatable saddle that claims to be able to do the job straight out of the box.


The saddle is one of those things; you have to hope you find one that you like right out of the gate. If not, with the numerous varieties, models, materials, it can be horribly overwhelming and frustrating to find one that works for you. Clearly there are some very creative iterations of the saddle out there and some very smart minds working out the challenge of making you more comfortable in the saddle for extended periods of time.


Kuhl Inflatable Saddle


One recent newcomer to the saddle market is the Kuhl Ride saddle. It is so new in fact, that it is still in the Kickstarter phase. Designed by Steve Kuhl – that’s pronounced ‘cool’ – of Tomah, Wisconsin (WI) in the USA, his line of saddles bills itself as “the smoothest ride available for bicycling enthusiasts”.


There are 3 models in the Kuhl line: The Cruiser, The Racer, and The Weekender. Kuhl supplied me with a prototype of the “Racer” model, which is the most conventional looking model of the 3. The Cruiser has a slightly wider profile and The Weekender looks to be the saddle with the most coverage for those that prefer an upright position. All models are supposed to be comparable in weight with standard foam/plastic saddles.


Kuhl Inflatible Saddle


The saddle arrived last week and has already seen some bike time. Over the next few days, I will be putting The Racer through its paces with commuting, one hour sessions that will include both road and trail rides, as well as a 40 mile ride to really shake it out.


Kuhl Saddle



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