CycloCross 2012/2013 Photo Book

CycloCross 2012/2013 Photo Book


CycloCross 2012/2013 Photo Book


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A review of CycloCross 2012/13 Photo Book, by Balint Hamvas, packed with great shots and features.


The 2012/13 International CycloCross season pictured by Balint Hamvas



Zdenek Stybar on the Assen pump track


All sports can at times be strongly evocative and none more so than cyclo-cross, a sport that is played over contrasting courses and in variable weather and, at times, in front of frenzied fans.


Balint Hamvas, in his third photo book, has caught the best of the action and captured the essence of the international 2012/13 cyclocross season.


From the sun of Italy to the rough and tumble of Belgian cross, the 2012/13 Photo Book has it all with not only great action shots, but also something of the undercurrents of cross; banners lying in the mud, the bikes and the fans (though no drunken fans asleep in the mire).


New for this edition Balint has features from some leading cyclo-cross players: Simon Burney talks about the cross scene in the 80s and the Swiss dominance of those years; Stef Wyman’s piece is about women’s racing, discussing the inequality and associated difficulties; Velonews’ Dan Seaton writes about the amateur Belgian cross scene; and there is an essay on the state of the sport in the US by Mateo Montesano.


In a special focus chapter Balint spent the day with USA star Jeremy Powers and he gives some great insights about the massive growth in cross in North America.




Summary: Compelling pictures and interesting features make the CycloCross 2012/2013 Photo Book by Balint Hamvas a fans delight and for the ‘cross deficient, an insight into one of cycling’s greatest disciplines.


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