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September 2013


We have been using pOcpacs for a few months now and found them very useful, even though we had a few minor issues with them such as one of our phones not fitting. Then we received the news that they are launching a new range of pOcpacs at the Cycle Show at the NEC. This new range seems to answer many of the issues we had with the originals, though after having used them on every single ride we’ve done over the last few months, did we actually have any real issues?


To re-cap, in Arpil we were sent three pOcpacs – the iPac, the Road Pac and the Off-road Pac – which we previewed here. We couldn’t get a Samsung S3 phone in the smallest iPac, so that tester adopted the medium sized one. Issue solved really. It has some graphics on the front so it wasn’t as easy to use your phone as with the smaller pac, but it was not a major issue; and on the up side you could get more in it, including cash, cards and a few other bits and bobs.


pOcpac in different sizes
Our orginial pOcpacs came in three different sizes


The smallest iPac – designed around an i-phone – was used by another tester for his iphone5 and he loved it. He has used it everyday without issue.


The largest Off-road Pac was the least well used but has still seen a fair amount of usage. However, the huge capacity of this one was never fully utilised by our tester who, most of the time, took pretty much the same things we all did – phone, cash and a card or two. Occasionally though, the larger two Pacs came into their own, like on training camps in warmer countries, when being able to cram in a few tools and energy gels, protecting them from excessive sweat, made more sense…


pOcpac loaded with stuff...
pOcpac loaded with stuff…


pOcpac was launched a little over twelve months ago, the brainchild of a pair of mountain-biking brothers in South Africa and having sold over 10,000 units, you’d have to say its a success story. However, rather than rest on their laurels, the third generation of ‘iPacs’ incorporates all of the consumer and trade feedback they has received.


The new generation use improved, more robust materials and an easy-grip zip, and are still perfect for storing your smartphone and valuables when out in the sun, rain and snow. The touch screen enables uninterrupted phone operation and the new smart window allows you to use the camera.


pOcpac New Range
pOcpac’s clever new range allows you to take photos on the go, whatever the weather


The new iPacs start from £7.99 and come in three sizes to fit every phone on the market, including the Samsung Note 2, of which we have one here ready and waiting to test this claim, and it is a massive phone…


The middle of the range iPac 3X answers our own phone fit issue as it accommodates the Samsung Galaxy S3, plus the popular S4 and an iPhone 5 with a case. Then there’s the over-sized iPac which measures 99mm x 171mm and this super-sized ‘Utility iPac’ will also carry a passport.


With a phone in a pOcpac, users are able to navigate the touchscreen and control interfaces of their smartphone, and even make calls or take a photo with it whilst inside the case. All good stuff. As heavy users, we have to recommend them for all cyclists.


See the range at the NEC Cycle Show from Friday 27th until Sunday 29th September 2013.


pOcpac website


The Cycle Show


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