Pegoretti Auction

Pegoretti Auction


Pegoretti Auction


February 2013


Pegoretti built, student decorated frames to be auctioned for children’s charity by the Stuttgardt State Academie of Art and Design.


Dario Pegoretti, the master frame builder, has built frames in the past for Miguel Indurain, Marco Pantani and Stephen Roche. He has his own workshop in Caldonazzo where he works with a small team of handpicked employees, all of whom share his passion for bicycles.


Over the years Dario has become as famous for his paint-jobs as he is for the frames that they adorn, so much so that his work was even exhibited at the Museum of Art and Design in New York. Scroll through the Pegoretti website and among the eclectic graphic styles you’ll find ‘Ciavete’, known as Dario’s choice. Choose this option when ordering your frame and you will get a one off design, derived from whatever happens to tickle the maestro’s fancy on that particular day!


Dario Pegoretti
A selection of Pegoretti bikes, including the three to be auctioned.


The Stuttgardt State Academie of Art and Design ran a workshop in conjunction with Pegoretti, giving the students a chance to learn from him and apply some of their own design ideas to three Duende frames. The finished articles will be offered for sale via an auction, with the proceeds going to The Olgäle Foundation.


This charitable body offers financial and practical help for children with cancer and their parents. This includes helping to decorate waiting areas, paying for children’s entertainers, purchasing medical equipment and training healthcare professionals. Pegoretti was himself diagnosed with cancer back in 2007, but has since recovered and continues to produced his beautiful frames.


Dario Pegoretti
Dario Pegoretti explains some of his ideas.


So if you want to own a truly one off frame, built by a master builder and help children and their families through a traumatic time in their lives, then head over to the Mano-Nella-Mano website. Read the story, look at the frames and place your bid. 100% of the proceeds will go to the charity.


The auction will start on Friday, February 22nd 2013.


If you’ve not heard of Dario Pegoretti before and would like to get a feel for his passion, see the craftsman at work and hear him explain his theories on bicycles, life and everything, take a look at this magical film produced by Ben Ingham and Rapha.



Mano-Nella-Mano Auction site


Pegoretti Website


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