Ekoi PW8 Pedals

Ekoi PW8 Pedals spotted in testing claim to save 8 watts, but you’ll need new shoes.

Nice Métropole will be using the Ekoi PW8 pedals this season
Nice Métropole will be using the Ekoi PW8 pedals this season. photo bruno bade / GP Marseille 2024 /

Spotted on some of the bikes of the Team Nice Métropole Côte d’Azur are the Ekoi PW8 Pedals. The French clothing company has a long history sponsoring pro teams with clothing, shoes, helmets and sunglasses. However, this would be their first foray into bike components that we’re aware of.

The cycling press was first made aware of the pedals back in July ’23. Jean-Christophe Rattel, the CEO of Ekoi told French site Le Cycle about his intention to develop the pedals. Ekoi then offered them to Nice Métropole for testing. Rattel said “the goal is to put the shoe pedal concept to the test in extreme conditions in training and competition.

How do the pedals work and where do the claimed 8 watt power savings come from? Unfortunately we can only speculate, information is sparse at the moment. However a post on Ekoi’s Canadian Facebook said; “Ekoï will launch the new PW8 pedal this fall. According to biometric tests, it will increase the cyclist’s power by 8 watts, hence its name, PW8. The new pedals will provide the cyclist with 8 watts because they are positioned at 8mm from the pedal axis.”

While we can only speculate at where those savings come from, we can say that they do look different from other pedals. The Ekoi PW8 pedals have an unusual stretched skeletal look to them. The body is elongated, with the rear longer than the front. Looking at the photos, we can assume the rear has the engagement system? It hangs down, presumably as it is heavier due to the locking system being there.

However, taking a look at the bottom of the shoe, there is no sign of a cleat. Perhaps the sole has a rebate that engages with the shoe? This would make walking easier and possibly mean no cleat wear. It would also mean that you would need a dedicated shoe. However, would you have to ditch your favourite shoe for one of Ekoi’s? Or would you wait until other manufacturers came on board? Not a problem for me, I have a pair of XC R4 and R2 shoes which I like.

We’ll reach out to Ekoi and see if we can get any other information from them about these new pedals. Until then we’ll all have to keep scanning photos from L’Étoile de Bessèges, once the farmers let the race continue. Alternatively you could befriend one of the Nice Métropole riders and ask them. If you do, please let us know!

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