MAAP Alt_Road Collection

Chasing Alternative Paths With The New MAAP Alt_Road Collection

MAAP, the Melbourne-based cycling brand has expanded it’s off-road clothing range. The new MAAP Alt_Road collection is aimed at gravellistas, bike-packers and for the first time, MTBers. MAAP has done this to “support more riders pursuing off-road adventures than ever before.” They see these disciplines being closely linked when it comes to clothing for “off-grid adventures in wild terrains”.

The MAAP Alt_Road Collection is aimed at all off-road riders

MAAP Alt_Road Cargo Bib Liner and Overshort

MAAP say that the Cargo Bib Liner and Overshorts are “central to this expansion.” The liner and shorts are designed to work together, combining the “comfort and breathability of a bib short with the aesthetics and rugged protection of a riding short.” The Overshort gives you some protection from the usual trail-side obstacles that can often tear lycra shorts. They also offer some protection to your modesty when wandering among non-cyclists!

Meanwhile the bib-liner has a triple pocket system on the rear. This consists of a single open pocket with two zipped pockets inside. The extra storage is useful for riders that don’t use a traditional cycling jersey.

New overshorts in the MAAP Alt_Road Collection

Alt_Road Wind Jacket and Vest

The Alt_Road Wind Jacket and Vest are made from lightweight, breathable Pertex Equilibrium fabric. This is a fast-drying water-proof fabric. MAAP say that it also offers “next-to-skin airflow for optimised comfort and temperature regulation“. So you shouldn’t get too sweaty while riding.

MAAP use a two-way zip, so you can control your temperature, without them ballooning out; a nice touch. There’s also a cinchable hem, that allows you to adjust the fit from off-the-bike casual, to on-the-bike aero. As they’re made from a soft, light fabric, the Alt_Road Wind Jacket and Vest can be folded away into their own integral pocket.

Lightweight jacket and vests in the MAAP Alt_Road Collection

Alt_Road Tee-shirts

For riders that prefer to ride wearing a Tech Tee, Alt_Road now has three options. First up is the Alt_Road Zip Tee. This combines the practicality of a jersey – storage and full-length zip – with the comfort of a t-short. Made from a rip-stop fabric, it should prove durable, while the full-length zip allows you to keep cool. Meanwhile a single, zipped rear pocket, bonded to the fabric, allows you to keep small items safe.

Also in the collection are their long and short sleeved Tech Tees. These have been in MAAP’s Alt_Road collection since the beginning, so what have they changed? Apparently they use improved lightweight, durable and fast drying fabrics with UPF30+. They’ve also added a small bonded rear zip pocket, so you can store your café money safely.

Tech Tees in the MAAP Alt_Road Collection have storage pocket


MAAP’s Alt_Road range has been around since 2021, MAAP say that its for “those looking to turn their Out of Office on and escape to wild and out-there terrain on bike“. So if you’re heading out on a multi-day cross-country epic or hunting new off-road shortcuts, take a look at the new range.​

Help Wanted; a word from MAAP

With their announcement of the new additions to the Alt_Road collection, MAAP also launched their Help Wanted program. Read what they intend below and check the Help Wanted Recap.

Mother Nature is calling for help and we must all invest in and advocate for its protection to ensure we and future generations are able to continue to share in its wonder. It’s important to recognise that our continued enjoyment of natural and wild spaces is under threat. The ‘Help Wanted’ program is MAAP’s response to this call for help.

MAAP is working to enable grants, community events and greater awareness of the impactful programs being provided by select local non-profit environmental organisations. Helping to ensure the essential work they do in preserving the wild spaces we enjoy is able to continue. 

To bring attention to these efforts a series of ‘Help Wanted’ events and rides will be taking place around the globe, encouraging the MAAP community to come together and do what they can to support conservation any way they can.

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