Roc GPS Preview

We have TwoNav’s Roc GPS unit for review, here’s some brief details.

We recently took a look at Spanish brand TwoNav’s range of GPS units and now have their Roc GPS to play with. TwoNav have a background in GPS mapping for outdoor sports like paragliding. After creating their Land mapping software they went on to produce their own devices for outdoor athletes. Later they moved their production facilities to Spain, which is where the Roc GPS is manufactured.

The TwoNav Roc GPS device
The TwoNav Roc GPS device

The Roc GPS is TwoNav’s newest cycling device, which they claim is the “smallest GPS with the most advanced mapping on the market”. A big claim that, excuse the pun! At 58x90x20mm it is slightly smaller than the Wahoo Elemnt but marginally bigger than the Garmin 540. Weight-wise it outweighs the Wahoo and Garmin by about 30 grammes. Viewable screen size is the same at 69mm, measured diagonally, which is 2.7″.

TwoNav manufacture the Roc GPS and their other devices in Spain
TwoNav manufacture the Roc GPS and their other devices in Spain

How big do you want it?

Personally I’m not a fan of big screens, unless I’m just using it for navigation. If I were to start doing a lot of touring, then a big screen would be useful. Finding a route when you’ve got a bigger screen is easier. However for the mix of riding I’m doing, a smaller device works better. I don’t have to worry about it shaking loose off-road or being overkill in a race.

Perfect size for my type of riding
Perfect size for my type of riding

So while it does just squeak under some GPS devices when it comes to size, I’m guessing TwoNav are more focussed on its mapping abilities. When it comes to route-finding and navigation on the bike, for me it’s a must. I love taking my bikes to new places to ride, but I don’t love ending up on a major road. So having a GPS unit that I can either load a route on to or even better, route on the fly is a must.

OS maps

With TwoNav’s background in online mapping, I’m interested to see how good the Roc GPS is at not letting me get lost. And if I do, I want to know if it can get me out of trouble and back on route. This should be easier, particularly off-road as I’ll be able to download Ordinance Survey maps. Their maps of the UK are superb when heading off-road and can be had for 75p each; a bargain. My only worry is whether the screen is big enough to see all that detail. If it is, then it will make for a great companion when wandering around new areas.

Opening the Roc GPS box

I’m glad to see that the Roc GPS comes in a plain card box. No shiny, waxed carton with loads of cellophane and plastic padding. Just a simple card box, with card internals, makes recycling a lot simpler. Inside the box you get the device, a magnetic charger cable, various mounting adapters, instructions and a 10% off voucher. The last is a nice touch.

Charging is via a proprietary magnetic pogo
Charging is via a proprietary magnetic pogo

When it comes to mounts I do like an out-front option, it’s a bit easier to see when riding. TwoNav do offer it as an optional extra, or as a bundle. Another accessory I’d like is a leash for the device. I’ve lost one GPS unit on a bumpy road and now always tie mine down now. Fortunately there is a mounting point for a leash and you can get one from the TwoNav store.

Charging is via what TwoNav call a Magnetic Pogo. This means you don’t have to worry about water getting through a charging port, but does mean you have to worry about losing your cable. You can buy a replacement from the TwoNav website if you lose yours.

Roc GPS Specs

Physical characteristics

Dimensions58 x 90 x 20 mm*
*23 mm con QuickLock
Weight120 gr
Buttons2 frontal + 4 side
Water/dust/mud resistantIP68
MIL-STD-810 certification
Temperature, shock, water and vibration
Resistant to extreme temperatures-20 °C ~ 70 °C


TypeBlanview with Optical Bonding and automatic backlight
Resolution240 x 320 pixels

Power supply

Light sensorYes
Battery capacity2500 mAh
Normal battery life18 h
Battery typeIntegrated
Charge portMagnetic Pogo


Full connectYes
Wi-Fi2.4 Ghz/5 Ghz
Digital compassYes


Customisable sports profilesYes
Map overlayYes
3D map displayYes
Create unlimited waypoints, routes and tracksYes
Download maps and routes from online providersYes
Advanced route editingYes
Calculate on-road navigationYes
Estimated time of arrival at destinationYes
Workouts by time, distance, heart rate and paceYes
TrackAttack workoutsYes
Estimate of calories burnedYes
Adjustable alarmsYes
Automatic and manual lapsYes
Real-time altitude graphicYes
Over 200 real-time data fieldsYes
Customisable data pagesYes
Customisable device buttonsYes
Live broadcast with SeeMe™Yes
Emergency alerts with SeeMe™Yes
Compatible with geocachingYes
Compatible with e-RoadbooksYes
Auto-sync with the GO cloud™Yes

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