Precision Tubeless Repair Capsule

The Muc-Off Precision Tubeless Repair Capsule is a neat container for your tubeless repair kit.

Precision Tubeless Repair Capsule, it sounds like something you’d find in an astronaut’s tool-kit, but it’s not. However if you do want to play space-man, go ahead. What the Precision Tubeless Repair Capsule is, is a handy container to keep your tyre plugs and tool in.

If you’re a tubeless user you’ll know that some punctures are just too big for your sealant to seal. This is down to the fibres not being able to clump and seal the hole. You can solve this by inserting a plug into the hole. This reduces the gaps that the sealant has to fill, allowing it to do its job. The plugs are inserted using a tool that has an open end, into which you put the plug. You force this into the hole and then with withdraw it, leaving the plug behind. Occasionally you’ll need to widen a hole if your plugs are too big, so you need a rasp type tool as well; just in case.

Precision Tubeless Repair Capsule

Once screwed together the tool will be easier to use

In an emergency you don’t want to be rummaging around in your pockets or bag looking for your tool. Muc-Off’s Precision Tubeless Repair Capsule contains tool and plugs in one handy container. To use the tool, just unscrew the capsule, pull out the tool, reverse it and screw it onto the body. You now have a good sized grip, thus making it easier to get those plugs in. The silicone outer adds an extra layer of grip, handy when your hands are covered in mud.

The Capsule’s body is made from CNC machined 6061 aluminium, with a grippy silicone outer. Inside the capsule is the insertion tool and room to store your plugs. You get fifteen plugs with the tool; five each of thick, medium and thin. The insertion tool is made from 304 stainless steel and has a roughened bottom part.

Where are you going to keep your capsule?

Well it’s plenty small enough to keep in a jersey pocket, however Muc-Off offer plenty of other options! You could use their Saddle-Pack, which I’m using at the moment. Plenty of room in there and you don’t have to worry about it damaging your spare tubes, as there’s no sharp edges. Additionally there’s also Muc-Off’s Explorer Bar Bag. It’s made from a water-resistant 600D Polyester with a TPU coating, keeping the contents safe and dry.

In addition, you have Muc-Off’s Stealth Tubeless Puncture Plug. This hides plugs and tool away inside your handlebars, which makes a very neat solution. So there you go, the Precision Tubeless Repair Capsule has your plug insertion problems dealt with.

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