Aqua2go Evo

The Aqua2go Evo is a portable, battery powered jet-washer and is the big brother to the Aqua2go Pro.

Previously I wrote about portable jet-washers and whether a battery powered one could deal with mucky ‘cross bikes. We got the Aqua2go Pro in to test and are trying it out now; initial impressions are good. It dealt with two bikes after a muddy cyclo-cross session and had charge to spare. There is another model in the range though and we’ll be seeing how the new Aqua2go Evo compares.

The Aqua2go Evo power washer
The Aqua2go Evo power washer

While the Aqua2go Evo shares the Pro’s bright green colour, it has a different look. Rather than the Pro’s upright stance and pull-along handle, the Evo has a more of a Henry the Hoover feel. The change is to allow for a slightly larger reservoir and a more powerful motor.

The Evo is powered by a 2600mAh lithium-ion battery, as opposed to the Pro’s 220mAh unit. This means the Evo can kick out a stream of water at 30, 40 or 60 Bar. The Pro produces 3-10 Bar, that’s quite an increase in power. While the Evo can shift soft, wet mud I think it would take a while once it’s had a chance to dry.

What's in the Aqua2go Evo box?
What’s in the Aqua2go Evo box?

That extra power will make a difference and of course these units aren’t just for cleaning muddy bikes. There’s loads of other washing duties they can perform where you need spray, but don’t have access to water or power. However for me it’s all about cleaning bikes! Cleaning your bike after a muddy ride as soon as possible is always a good idea. Once the mud dries it becomes a lot harder to shift, so a portable washer is a handy accessory.

Also, if you’ve driven to the trail in your lovely new car, cramming a muddy bike in is not going to win you any friends. So a portable power washer makes sense, but what about in the pits at a ‘cross race? Usually you’ll see, hear and smell the petrol washers as they blast away. An electric washer like the Aqua2go Evo is going to be quieter and exhaust free. Will it have the power though?

Filling on the go looks like it will be simple

The plan was to use these units at some of my local races, but a series of unfortunate events have meant no racing this year. I would think you might need an extra supply of water at a muddy race, where you were swapping bikes each lap. With this more powerful unit pushing out water at 60Bar you’re going to use water up a lot faster, so you might need an extra reservoir.

While the ‘cross season is coming to an end, there’s plenty of mud still about. So I’ll get testing the Aqua2go Evo and will let you know how it performs compared to its little bother. Look out for an un-boxing video soon on our YouTube channel, or head over to their website for more details.

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