Aqua2go PRO Portable Pressure Cleaner

Will the Aqua2go PRO be my new best friend in the pits?

The Aqua2go PRO is a portable, battery powered , pressure cleaner. It has a rechargeable 2200mAH battery that will give it a claimed run-time of 30 minutes. Also, the battery is removable and can be used as a flashlight or power-bank. Its internal reservoir holds 20 litres, but you can also fit a suction pump for un-limited water supply.

The Aqua2go portable power washer
The Aqua2go portable power washer

We recently looked at portable power washers that you could take to a cyclo-cross race. You’ve probably seen the big petrol ones, chugging away and blasting the mud off. Now while they’re super-powerful and effective, I don’t fancy lugging one of these beasts around; why? My pit-crew will be my sons and I just know they’re going to muck about and waste loads of water! Also, to me they’re just too powerful. While they’ll undoubtably blast all the mud off my bike, they’re going to burn through a lot of water. I don’t want to be carrying all that water – and petrol – around with me on race-day.

The Aqua2go makes a lot more sense for my race needs. It looks like I could leave it in the hands of my 11 year old and not have to worry about him blowing my seals, or drenching the other pit-crews. While I’m not sure the 20 litre tank would be enough for a full race, it will run off a separate reservoir. So I could take something like the Aquaroll for extra water. The Aqua2go does have its own carry-handle and wheels , we’ll see how good they are off-road!

Of course the Aqua2go won’t just be for race day. While I have a mains-powered jet-washer at home, having a portable unit in the back of the car would be very useful. Apart from muddy race days, there’s muddy family rides and walks that can be sorted before we cover the car interior in mud!

Aqua2go has small wheels for transportation

So I’ll be using the Aqua2go over the coming winter and pressuring my sons to hang around in the pits for their dear father. After all what truer sign of love can there be pitting for your parent? Look out for the review.

Aqua2go details:

  • Works without fixed power and water connection
  • Includes lithium-ion battery 2200 mAH, rechargeable with 220V, charging time 2 hours
  • Includes 12V connection to the car
  • Water tank: 20 litres
  • 30 minutes of continuous use when the battery is full
  • No limited water capacity when using the pump with suction hose
  • Water pressure from 3-10 bar
  • Adjustable spray modes
  • Flashlight/power bank with USB charging function
  • Convenient storage for hose and spray gun
  • Pull handle and wheels for easy handling
  • Aqua2go PRO
  • €241,95

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