Pro-1 Gravel Suit, speed for the trails

British brand Nopinz releases the Pro-1 Gravel Suit. You’ll have seen their clothing on the road and ‘cross scenes, now they’re coming to gravel.

Nopinz are a performance focused cycling apparel brand known for their aero skin-suits used in time trialling and road racing. But now they are entering the gravel world with their Pro-1 Gravel Suit. The new suit has been designed to cope with the “arduous demands of gravel racing whilst providing an aerodynamic edge.” This new gravel suit is Nopinz’s first item of gravel specific clothing.

Men's and women's Pro-1 gravel suit
The Pro-1 gravel suit

The Pro-1 Gravel Suit is of course meant for riders who will be racing gravel. Not to say you can’t wear it on a multi-day trek, but that’s not what it’s designed for. With gravel races now taking place at national and world championship level, riders are starting to look for any advantage. And where previously we were all obsessing about tyres and 1x versus 2x set-ups, some are looking for aerodynamic gains.

Aero optimised fabric on the skin suit will speed you along

Most gravel races will have have fast sections – either on or off-road – where taking an aero position makes a differnce. So it make sense to take the aero clothing tech from the road and transfer it over. But what makes this a gravel aero suit?

What makes them gravel?

One of the features are reinforced Dyneema crash-guard panels on the hips. These are there to provide some protection from gravel rash, an ever-present problem off-road when riding fast. There are also mesh cargo pockets on each thigh. Perhaps you could fill them with with gels for extra crash protection? Add in three large pockets on the rear and you have plenty of space for tools and food. Useful for long unsupported events.

Pro-1 Gravel Suit storage and crash protection
The Pro-1 Gravel Suit has storage and crash protection

The arms and upper-back of the Pro-1 Gravel Suit are made from fabrics designed to give an aerodynamic effect at lower speeds. This makes sense as the demands of gravel will tend to see you riding slower – but not easier – than on the road. Nopinz are masters when it comes to reducing the drag affecting a rider by the clever use of fabrics.

Blake Pond, CEO and founder of Nopinz, said of the Pro-1 Gravel Suit: “We’ve been incredibly excited to bring this suit into production! It’s no secret that Gravel cycling has seen an enormous boom in popularity over recent years, with both myself and lots of us here at Nopinz now riding gravel on a regular basis.”

Take a look at the men’s and women’s suits on the Nopinz website

I reviewed their Subzero turbo bib-shorts and Warm-up leggings and was impressed with their long-term quality. That bodes well for the Pro-1 Gravel Suit, which I’ll be reviewing at some upcoming gravel races.

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