SmarTUBE Inner Tubes Are Evolving

Pirelli adds two new models to its range of premium inner
tubes dedicated to road, gravel and e-bike tyres.

You may have already seen Pirelli’s range of SmarTUBE inner tubes. Now the Italian manufacturer has added SmarTUBE EVO and SmarTUBE X to the range. SmarTUBE differs from traditional inner tubes in that it uses TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) rather than the traditional rubber or latex. Pirelli use TPU because of its high elasticity, mechanical resistance and extreme light weight.


The new SmarTUBE EVO is aimed at fast road-riders and uses a new formula of TPU that, Pirelli claim, offers 5% less rolling resistance than the previous version. This compared with its light weight – 50% lighter than latex – and puncture resistance offers some serious advantages compared to traditional tubes.

SmarTUBE EVO inner tubes are for your fast road bike
SmarTUBE EVO inner tubes are for your fast road bike

The evolution has come after feedback from World Tour teams using Pirelli’s P ZERO tyres (we reviewed the P ZERO TLR tyres previously).These inner tubes could be a real winner for those who prefer to use clincher tyres rather than a tubeless set-up. SmarTUBE EVO inner tubes are available in one size that will work with tyres from 25-622 to 28-622. While there is only one size of tube, you do get a choice of three valve lengths: 42 mm, 60 mm and 80 mm. Being Pirelli they also come in one colour; bright yellow.


This version of Pirelli’s bright yellow inner tubes is intended for use with their CINTURATO and ANGEL tyres and is replacing the previous version. The TPU formula used is three times thicker than the current CINTURATO SmarTUBE. This should offer some serious protection for tyres that are aimed at commuters, tourists, e-bikers and gravel riders. For this kind of riding, absolute light weight is less important than robustness.

SmarTUBE X comes in CINTURATO or ANGEL versions.
SmarTUBE X comes in CINTURATO or ANGEL versions.

SmarTUBE X will come in two versions; CINTURATO and ANGEL. The CINTURATO version will be available in 28-622 to 40-622 and from 40-622 to 50-622, with Presta or Schrader valves. Meanwhile ANGEL comes in 28-622 to 42-622 and from 42-622 to 62-622, also with Presta or Schrader valve options.

Another advantage to using TPU for inner tubes other than light weight and puncture resistance is their compactness. You can roll a TPU inner tube up into a very small package, which makes them easy to stow, either in your jersey or backpack. We’ll get some of the SmarTUBEs in and try them out over the winter.

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