Handsling CEXevo Review by Jack Jee

In the run up to this autumn’s new cyclocross season, guest reviewer Jack Jee gives his thoughts on the Handsling CEXevo. Last year was his first full season in the UK National Trophy Series, riding at U23/Elite level. 

Coming into my first season of cyclocross without much prior knowledge of the discipline I was looking at all different types of frames and bikes. My background is mountain biking where I ride at elite national level. After looking at many bikes, I found myself coming back to the Handsling CEXevo every time. I decided to take the trip down to their HQ just outside Bordon and I’m so glad I did.

New bike day! Jack shows off his new Handsling CEXevo frames
New bike day! Jack shows off his new Handsling CEXevo frames

Collecting the Handsling CEXevo frames

On my tour of the workshop I got the chance to see the CEXevo frame up close. As soon as you get it in your hands you notice how incredibly light it is. I was told that it’s manufactured using Toray T800 carbon fibre, the same material used for Handsling’s A1R0evo road bike. Frame weight is 820g for a size 52 frame with a front fork weight of 350g. Handsling owns the moulds to the CEXevo frame, meaning it’s unique to them. 

The frame finish is sublime – a mixture of different coloured gloss parts and a matte black rear section that reveals the carbon patterning. There are fifteen different frame colours to choose from, which is really cool: there’s an option to suit most tastes. It was good to see that the CEXevo takes a BSA external fit bottom bracket, which makes replacement and maintenance a lot easier. The long seat stays are designed to aid frame compliance, while 12mm thru axles front and rear allow for easy wheel swaps. 

Jack and his Handsling CEXevo in action
Jack and his Handsling CEXevo in action

I went for two frames, one in Candy Red and one in Inca Yellow. Overall, the level of customer service was outstanding with a personable approach allowing great attention to detail. It definitely made me feel appreciated and well looked after.

The Ride

After building up both CEXevo bikes I immediately fell in love with them. All in all the bike looks the part on the start line and is ready for anything you throw at it. The finish is impeccable and definitely turns people’s heads at the races.

Performance-wise they are spot on. Extra carbon layup in the headset and bottom bracket areas make it super stiff for hard efforts and sprints. The lightness of the frame means it climbs incredibly well, which is vital on hilly courses where the bike gets caked in mud. Handsling recently updated the frame with an increased rake on the front fork. This lengthening of the wheelbase results in impressive stability, especially in muddy corners where any twitchiness could put you on the deck.

With the CEXevo, Handsling has combined looks and quality with practicality. The frame has plenty of clearance for the horrendous amounts of mud the bike has to deal with throughout the season, it also has room to fit 45mm tyres making it perfect for a bit of gravel riding or racing in the summer.

Over the course of the season, I experimented with different positions to maximise performance on the bike. In the last national race I entered it really started to show. I can’t wait for the start of the new season. With a season under my belt and the bikes absolutely dialled in, I’ve got high hopes.


The CEXevo has everything you’d want from a cyclocross bike. It’s stable in muddy conditions, nimble on the climbs and when accelerating out of corners, and responds to hard efforts. The bonus is the stunning frame finish and huge range of options on colour and spec. It’s also a really versatile frame, perfectly happy as a gravel bike or out on the road. As a do-it-all frame, the CEXevo is hard to beat.

Check out the Handsling CEXevo.

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