KLIMATIK K-TOUR Water Repellent Bib-tights

A preview of the Alè KLIMATIK K-TOUR Water Repellent Bib-tights

Alè say the KLIMATIK K-TOUR Water Repellent Bib-tights are designed for those medium-winter days. You know, those days when it’s cold, but not freezing and it’s ‘moist’ rather than wet? These tights are made from a fabric called B-tour DWR. It’s elastic, with a brushed fleecy inner that Alè say is suitable for temperatures around 4°/10°c.

On the right leg you have a reflective logo on the outside and reflective strips on the back of both thighs. There’s the trademark little rubber Alè logo on the left, just above your bum! The other colour touches are a light-blue KLIMATIK logo on the left of the waist, which has a light-blue top to it. The bib braces, normally prosaic items to keep everything in place have some nice touches. First off, keeping with the blue theme is a light-blue edge, that looks nice. On the reverse the Alè logo is repeated in silicone, to help keep them in place. I’ve not seen that on the straps before, not sure if it’s needed, but it’s a nice touch.

The bib-tights’ cuffs don’t have zippers or straps, which I prefer. I’m not keen on feeling the strap under your foot and zips always seem to break for me. There is a line of silicone around the inside of the cuff to help keep it from riding up.


To keep with the blue theme, the KLIMATIK K-TOUR has a light-blue pad with a dimpled top layer. This is the Klima 8-h pad, which is a long distance pad. It has thick padding under your sit-bones, with a central cut-out that has much less. The sides and front are only a couple of millimetres thick, compared to the main part which is around 10mm.

The KLIMATIK K-TOUR Water Repellent Bib-tights use Alè's Lima 8-h pad in a fetching blue
The KLIMATIK K-TOUR Water Repellent Bib-tights use Alè’s Lima 8-h pad in a fetching blue

With its stretchy warm body and DWR outer treatment the KLIMATIK K-TOUR bib-tights look to be a good winter choice. I may even try them on some wintery gravel rides; hopefully they’ll cope with any excess ‘moisture’! Once I’ve ridden them on some wintery days, I’ll let you know how they perform. If you want to see more of the Alè KLIMATIK range, click on the link.



  • Weight: 280g
  • Temperature range: 4°/10°c
  • B-tour dwr


  • zero friction bib
  • reflective details
  • brushed fleece inside
  • silicone grippers
  • DWR – durable water-repellent


  • Klima 8h

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