Muc-Off Winter Protection

Muc-Off Winter Protection range

Winter can be tough on your bike, what with salted roads and all the other muck that sprays onto it. You can limit some of the damage by fitting mudguards – like the Roadracer Mk3 – this will limit how much gets on your bike. However some will get on and we all know that coming back cold and wet from a winter ride, the last thing you want to do is spend more time outside cleaning your bike. Which is where modern cleaning technology comes in. Brands like Muc-off spend ages researching the best products to keep your pride and joy gleaming. So let’s take a look at some Muc-Off winter protection products.

Muc-Off MO-94

Muc-Off say that MO-94 is the “ultimate multi-purpose wonder spray”. No small claim that, but what is it meant for? According to Muc-Off, MO-94 is their all-round spray. It will drive out water, preventing corrosion on your nuts, bolts and chain. This sounds perfect for all those general maintenance jobs on the bike, like getting water out of your chain before lubing, or freeing up stuck bolts. Muc-Off also reckon it’s pretty good around the house dealing with squeaky door hinges!

Bike Protect

Bike Protect is described as Muc-Off’s “ultimate liquid bicycle protection” or a “turbo-charged MO-94″! This has a high oil content that helps prevent corrosion and leaves a non-sticky layer that is meant to prevent dirt build-up. For me I’m thinking this will be great for post ‘cross races, where I’ve blasted the dirt off prior to putting it in the car. I could spray Bike Protect on and then, when I forget to lube the chain when I get home, it won’t be all horrible and brown! I can also see it being handy for my old – I like to say classic – steel bike. Trying to keep the rust at bay on a bike that’s over 20 years old is always an issue.

Miracle Shine

Now this last one may be a little over the top, but for those of us that spend too much time looking at their bikes, it’s probably a necessity! Miracle Shine is a polish and protectant that contains protective Flouro Polymers and carnuba wax. This will produce a glossy finish and help fill small scratches. I’ve managed to pick up a few minor scratches while transporting my bikes, so will be interested to see how Miracle Shine deals with them. Of course if it makes the bike gleam, so much the better!

I’ll be using these three items from the Muc-Off winter protection range and will see if they keep my bikes shiny and rust free. I’m particularly keen on keeping my vintage Olmo in good running order and rust-free. I’m hoping that applying Bike Protect will keep it going for another 20 years!

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