GripGrab Arctic Waterproof Deep Winter Shoe Covers

GripGrab Arctic Waterproof Deep Winter Shoe Covers

It’s cold and wet outside; time to break out the GripGrab Arctic Waterproof Deep Winter Shoe Covers.

I managed to get a pair of GripGrab Arctic Waterproof Deep Winter Shoe Covers for our short winter. While we only dipped below zero degrees for a short while there followed some torrential rain and flooding to provide me with some excellent testing conditions; nice.

The GripGrab Arctic Waterproof Deep Winter Shoe Covers are made from 4mmm waterproof neoprene. On the inside they have a bright red fleecy lining, made from a hollow fibre. Underneath, the shoe cover has GripGrab’s EUROBIKE Award winning technology; IntelliSeal. This is a rubberised treatment to the underneath of the shoe cover that keeps water from creeping in. It also reinforces the edge of the shoe cover, making it more robust. Take a look at GripGrab’s video that explains how it works.

Explaining IntelliSeal

The shoe covers come in black or Hi-Vis yellow and it is hi-vis! Six sizes are available from euro 38 to 49, so you should be able to find the perfect fit. There are reflective details on the sides and rear of the cover, good for those dark afternoons and nights. There is also a loop for attaching a light on the rear, adding a bit more visibility to your night rides.

IntelliSeal finish keeps the water out and protects the shoe cover

The Arctic Waterproof Deep Winter Shoe Covers are a zipperless design, something I prefer as I seem to break an inordinate amount of zips on shoe covers. Instead you pull them on before putting on your shoes. Once they’re on you stretch the front over the toe of your shoe, then pull the heel down. Underneath you have a velcro strap, pull that tight and you’re ready to go. If you’re not running mudguards – why not? It’s winter! – you can add GripGrabs CyclinGaiters. These extend the top of your shoe cover, so water spinning off your front wheel has a harder to dripping down into your shoes.

Scandinavians know cold weather

As I’ve said before, if you want kit that can see you through bad weather, go to people who know bad weather. I can’t imagine anywhere better than Scandinavia to develop cold weather gear. While we here in the UK may have the odd week of cold weather, the guys at GripGrab keep riding through crazy cold temperatures. Throw in rain, snow, ice and long dark nights, you couldn’t get a better place to develop their products.

Hi-Vis yellow, reflective details and a loop for a light will get you seen

Once they’re on and I’m riding in some chilly wet weather, the Arctic Waterproof Deep Winter Shoe Covers proved their worth. Combined with a pair of good socks (GripGrab have some!) I came back from three hours rides with warm, dry feet. Exactly what I wanted. One problem with all that warmth was that as it got warmer I carried on wearing them and was getting back with damp feet. They are too warm once the temperature climbs above 10 degrees, so keep them for the proper cold. But don’t worry, GripGrab have plenty of options to cover all weather conditions, check them out here.

Holy soles!

Despite that 4mm neoprene and lining, I didn’t encounter any rubbing on the cranks. Obviously this may be different for you if you have larger shoes, or have a set-up that brings you closer in. And another shoe-related matter is water ingress. While the IntelliSeal keeps water from creeping up around the bottom of the shoe, there is another way for water to get in. Have your shoes got vents in the sole? Great in the summer, keep your feet nice and cool. However not so good when riding through flooded lanes. As my feet disappeared beneath the waters with every revolution, I got a cold shock as icy water penetrated the shoe and onto my toasty feet; not nice.

The GripGrab Arctic Waterproof Deep Winter Shoe Covers revel in foul weather
The GripGrab Arctic Waterproof Deep Winter Shoe Covers revel in foul weather


So to sum up, the GripGrab Arctic Waterproof Deep Winter Shoe Covers are for me the ultimate cold weather covers. I’d say they’re guaranteed to keep your feet warm in the UK. Maybe if you live in the really cold areas of the world you might disagree. Fortunately I don’t! The only thing they could do to improve them? How about a shorter name?

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