Alé GT 2.0 R-EV1 Womens Bibshorts

The GT 2.0 bibshorts are part of Alé’s R-EV1 range. Alé say they combine ‘style with performance’ in this addition to their SS23 range.

The R-EV1 range has been designed in Alé’s research centre with ‘a strong focus on technology’ to create ‘truly innovative garments’. All feature ‘body mapping technology and anatomic construction’. This results in what Alé hope is a piece of clothing that fits like a second skin. The price point of the GT 2.0 R-EV1 puts them in the middle of Alé’s range, so I was interested to see how they faired.

The GT 2.0 bibshorts are part of Alé's R-EV1 range
The GT 2.0 R-EV1 bib-shorts from Alé

They are a fairly simple design, which is always a safe bet with bib shorts, coming in three colours – black, blue and purple. There’s a large ‘Alé’ logo across the lower back and the ever present small florescent logo next to this. Both add a subtle bit of interest to the shorts. The band at the bottom of the shorts features lots of tiny reflective dots to increase visibility. On the black shorts I tested this blended in well with the main body of the shorts. Overall, these bib-shorts have a classy, minimalist look that could be paired with most jerseys.


I’m 178cm tall and weigh 63kg so tested these in a size small, as per the size chart. I found the fit to be pretty perfect, nice and snug without feeling restrictive. I was also pleasantly surprised with the length of the leg. Being a taller rider I am used to my bib-shorts resembling hot-pants, but these were a refreshing change as they finished just above my knee. My only gripe is the panel that sits across the stomach could finish a bit higher to give a bit more coverage. this was not a problem when paired with an Alé jersey. However some of my shorter jerseys finished before the bibs started, probably not a look that will catch on. 

The GT 2.0 R-EV1 shorts pair well with Alé's jerseys
The GT 2.0 R-EV1 shorts pair well with Alé’s jerseys

Alé Body Mapping Technology

Alé use a technique they call body-mapping to analyse the function of the kit whilst riding. This allows ‘careful selection of fabrics for various areas of the garment dependent on the need for ventilation, breathability and protection’. The main body of the shorts is made from an ‘industry leading’ patented fabric which focuses on aerodynamics and breathability whilst maintaining durability. I can’t say that I’ve ever thought too much about how aerodynamic my bib shorts are, but breathability is definitely an important factor. I tested these bib shorts on 100+ mile rides in over 25°c and at no point did I over-heat; Alé recommend use of these in temperatures ranging 18-30°c and I would agree.


These bib shorts use a ‘free system bib’ which aims to keep the shorts up without constriction. They are made of a soft touch material that sits nicely against the skin. The open bib design is also pierced to allow maximum ventilation. I have tested these both with and without a base layer and found the bib to be extremely comfortable. And just as Alé have intended, they had that second skin feel.

The band at the bottom of the shorts is mildly elastic to give a slight compression and the raw cut edge gives a professional finish. Numerous tiny silicone dots on the inside help keep the shorts in place without adding any bulk. I found this to be really effective as the shorts sat flush to my skin and didn’t budge at all whilst riding. These were possibly the best of any silicone grippers on shorts I have used previously. My only concern is after several washes some of these dots have started to fall off. However so far this has not negatively impacted the fit.

W8 HF Seatpad

This female specific seat pad features strategically placed ‘high memory padding’ in the perineal area and beneath the sit bones to provide impact protection for the areas that most need it. The side panels are a much thinner, more flexible padding. These ‘adapt to the movement on the bike for a high level of comfort’. The success of a pad in bib-shorts can definitely be a personal thing. For me I found this one to be one of the best I’ve worn. It had a good level of padding in all the areas you’d expect, providing more than enough cushioning. And the flexible side flaps really did seem to adapt to my body as I pedalled. This meant no unwanted bulky pad protruding up or out to the sides.


These Alé GT 2.0 R-EV1 bib-shorts are without a doubt a very successful addition to the SS23 range. They are a great pair of shorts for both riding and racing, in even the hottest of conditions. With their sleek, classic look and innovative technology, but at a mid-range price, they definitely deliver above and beyond what you might expect. Check out the shorts on Alé’s website.

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