Squeeasy Dual Fuel Bottle

The Squeeasy dual fuel bottle is a neat solution to on the bike fuelling

I saw the video for the Squeeasy dual fuel bottle and thought “of course!” Why fumble around trying to find a gel in your back pocket when you could just grab your bottle? Placing a soft gel container inside the bottle makes it so much easier. Especially during off-road races, where you want to keep your hands on the bars as much as possible. I’ve resorted to sticking them under my shorts legs, easy enough to grab. The problem is you still have to get the used wrapper back into you pocket, putting a used one under your shorts is not pleasant.

Dropping a gel is also a massive no-no, whether on or off-road. During events it really pains me to see discarded gel-packets. While most are accidentally dropped, some riders seem to think their performance will somehow suffer if they carry a used wrapper! Of course the other problem with gels is the mess. Forget that your car-keys are in the same pocket as the used gel-sachets and the clean up is unpleasant.

The Squeeasy bottle avoids all this with a simple switch mechanism on top of the bottle. One way accesses the internal gel pouch, the other lets you drink: simple. The Squeeasy gel pouch has capacity for 1-3 gels, so you lose some of the bottle’s capacity for liquid. Bottle sizes are 750 PES Elite and 550ml PES Pro and you lose about 60ml to the pouch.

To fill the pouch you can either empty your individual gels into the pouch: messy and wasteful. You could use a High5 Energy Gel Refill bottle, or even make your own. However, Squeeasy are in discussion with gel manufacturers and you may be able to buy bulk gel soon. If other brands buy in to this, it will make the Squeeasy bottle a lot more appealing. Buying gel in bulk could seriously reduce the amount of waste from the individual sachets, which is a good thing.

Squeeasy cleaning and disassembly

The top of the bottle comes apart to allow for cleaning and you can easily rinse out the pouch. This is important as the sugary gels offer a great environment for all kinds of bugs to grow. It’s made from food grade plastic and is BPA free. We’ll try and get our hands on a Squeeasy and see how well it works.


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