Hexis – Intra Workout Fuelling

Hexis launches Intra Workout Fuelling, helping cyclists perform at their best 

2023 was an annus horribilis as far as my cycling went. An episode of pneumonia brought on by over-training wiped out my year and has left me looking to rectify that. This year I am going to be super-organised and efficient! No more just going out and hammering myself on the bike, eating whatever I like and playing video games. Oh no, from now on I’m listening to my coach and enlisting any training advantage I can find; an advantage like Hexis.

What is Hexis?

Hexis is an AI powered sports nutrition app. It’s designed by world-leading nutritionists to help athletes fine-tune what they put in their fuel-tank. Who is behind Hexis Intra Workout Fuelling? The two experts providing the science are; British Cycling’s Head of Nutrition Dr. Sam Impey and Ryder Cup Nutritionist Dr. David Dunne. With PhD’s in human performance, sports nutrition, exercise physiology, behaviour change, data and computer science, it’s safe to assume they know what they’re talking about.

They wanted to create an app that would simplify the process of nutrition advice and make it available to all athletes; amateur or pro. Talking of pros, the app has been used by WorldTour pros Bob Jungels, Chris Harper and Toms Skujins. Jungels said of the app that; “Bike races can be won and lost with nutrition. Getting it wrong on the bike is one of the worst things that can happen to a rider. Hexis’ Intra-Workout Fuelling crunches the numbers for me and translates my planned rides and races into personalised on-bike fuelling which is a game-changer.”

Hexis uses simple colour coded buttons to help you plan your food
Hexis uses simple colour coded buttons to help you plan your food

How Hexis works:

  • Individually personalises nutrition recommendations to the demands of each individual using biometric data.
  • Provides minute by minute visual insights into your energy balance throughout the day.
  • Tailors Intra Workout Fuelling recommendations to the type, intensity and duration of each session or race.
  • Uses wearable workout data to fine tune personalised fuel plans in real-time and tailor post-workout recovery advice. 
  • Provides reliable food data with extensive nutrient profiles for the logging of food and calories.

A couple of quotes from Hexis highlight some of the issues I have when racing longer events. These are what to eat and drink, not just during, but leading up to the event. How much do I need and what is 65g of carbs? Do I need gels, drinks or just a boiled potato?

Words from the experts

“Most athletes struggle because they haven’t nailed their fuelling. They bonk, they fatigue, they underperform. Our Intra Workout Fuelling feature helps maximise performance by removing the guesswork from fuelling during endurance events”: Dr David Dunne, Hexis Co-Founder.

“Having confidence in your fuelling strategy and knowing your body has what it needs to deliver is incredibly empowering. Athletes can focus on the thing they enjoy the most, performing, while Hexis takes care of the rest”:  Dr Sam Impey, Hexis Co-Founder.

Hexis isn’t just for race day fuelling, it’s about keeping an eye on what you eat all the time. The app will integrate with your wearables and training plans. It will then tell you what you need to be eating to perform at your best. Hexis will look at what training you have planned for that week and adjust your food intake accordingly. And If you skip a meal or have an extra training session, Hexis will also take that in to account.

Hexis will sync with you wearables and adapt your intake depending on your needs
Hexis will sync with you wearables and adapt your intake depending on your needs

Will I use it?

While many of us concentrate on the advances to bikes and component technology, it’s the advances in coaching and nutrition that bring the greatest rewards. If you want to get the best out of yourself, no amount of bling kit will make up for poor training.

While I am slightly nervous about putting my food intake in to the ‘hands’ of an all knowing app, I am keen to see what it can achieve. I’ve often reached the last hour of a race and just been empty. If Hexis can preventing me bonking again, I’ll be happy. The app might also be able to wean me off my bread and cake addiction; I’m not giving up the wine though!

I’ll be trying out Hexis over the coming months as I strive to get back to my former self. I’ll keep you informed of how I get on with it both here and on my Riding Back to Fitness series on BritishCycleSport.

Price and subscription

A Hexis subscription costs just £9.99 per month (12-month contract) or £19.99 per month for three months. Find out more at the Hexis website.

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