Motul range of bicycle products

French brand Motul, famous for its synthetic products in the world of motor sport is now entering the bicycle market.

The Motul logo is one of those logos that you see all the time and don’t really know what they do; unless you’re a petrol head! They’ve been around a long time; 170 years in fact. In that time they’ve gained a reputation for quality and innovation, particularly with their use of esters; synthetic lubricants.

Motul’s interest in the cycle market was piqued during the pandemic. With the increased numbers of people getting into cycling, Motul started working on their cycle-specific range of products. These products are aimed at what they call “hobby cyclists”, cyclists who care about how their bikes look and perform.

The new bike range from Motul
The new bike range from Motul

The new range is made up of eight products: 

Cleaning: Frame CleanDry CleanChain CleanBrake Clean

Lubrication and Prevention: Chain Lube Dry, Chain Lube Wet, EZ Lube, Tubeless Tire Sealant


The Chain Lube Dry and Wet both contain ester lubricant and are aimed at your chain and cassette. Esters are the synthetic component that transformed the world of motor sport. These offer exceptionally long-lasting lubrication and have come from their motorcycle range. EZ Lube is more of a general lubricant and penetrating oil; good for keeping corrosion at bay and releasing stuck parts.

The Motul lubricants

Care range

Motul has a keen eye on the environment with their care range contained in 100% recycled or bio-source plastic. There are also no aerosol products, relying on good old hand pumps to spray. And the care range is safe to use for you and the environment, with no warning symbols to scare you! Environmentally safe disc-brake and chain cleaners are high on my list, as I’m always concerned about the run-off from solvent based versions.


Also included in the range is a tubeless tyre sealant – can you say anti-crevaison? Sealants are one of those really divisive products, with riders claiming one of the other is the best with near religious fervour. So it will be interesting to see how the masses welcome this new product.

Motul tubeless tyre sealant
Motul tubeless tyre sealant

So if you like the idea of long lasting lubricants and environmentally safe cleaning products in eco-friendly packaging, then check out the Motul range. We’ll try out their products and let you know if the live up to the hype. And if you want more lubricant and cleaner products, take a look here.

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