Classified Powerhub App Launch

You can now download the Classified Powerhub App, buy what does it do?

You’ve probably heard of the Classified Powerhub, it’s a two speed gear shift built into your rear hub. The system works wirelessly, with a signal sent from a satellite shifter, via Bluetooth to the hub. Press the shifter and it shifts from high to low, or vice-versa. A pretty simple system, with not a lot to change, so why the need for a Classified Powerhub App?

The Classified Powerhub App will allow you to maintain and customise your set-up
The Classified Powerhub App will allow you to maintain and customise your set-up

Operated wirelessly from a satellite shifter mounted on your bars, we looked at it previously here. By replacing your front mech and two chainrings and placing them in the hub, Classified have simplified the electronic drivetrain.

Inside the hub is a planetary gear system, that has only two gears. So when you shift there are only two options, up or down, it’s a very simple system. So what does the Classified Powerhub App do?

The Classified Powerhub

App features

Looking through the Classified Powerhub App there are three main features. First off you can check the battery status of the smart thru-axle and the shifter. Normally you would check the LEDs and the colour would give you a vague idea of how much charge you had. Now you can get an exact reading of how much charge you have.

Next up is the ability to customise what your shifters do, which seems odd as surely there’s not a lot to change here? It seems some bikes come with the Classified system already fitted and operated via their Di2 shifter. The App will allow these users to play around with how the shift happens. They can flip the up and down buttons around or select Toggle Mode. In Toggle Mode either button performs the shift, so you don’t have to remember what is up or down in the heat of competition. No option for SRAM shifters yet, maybe that will come?

Lastly the Classified Powerhub App allows you to keep the firmware up to date. This could mean better power usage or other tweaks to performance that might come along in the future. The app is available from all the usual places for Android and iPhone.

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