Brick Caps – Christmas Sorted

What do you do when you get the weird cyclist in the office Secret Santa? Buy them a set of Brick Caps!

Batman loved his set of Brick Caps!
Batman loved his set of Brick Caps!

The latest addition to our Christmas Sorted list are Brick Caps. These are Lego figure heads that you can screw on to your tyre valves. You can choose from a range of themes such as Star Wars, Simpsons, Minecraft, Batman; you get the idea. Or, you can make your own figures using their custom picker. There are so many options to choose from. It’s way too easy to get distracted, while playing around on the custom builder.

Why would I want one of these?

Your first question is probably “why would I want one of these?” My answer would be, to make life a little easier for your non-cycling present buyer! Every year they spend ages trawling through cycling products, trying to find something they can get you that doesn’t cost hundreds of pounds! They have no idea what you want or need and just want something that’ll make them smile when you open it.

The inside of the heads have threads cut into them so that you can screw the onto Schraeder or Presta valves. The heads have their hair-do or hat glued on, so they wont fly off mid-ride. Alternatively you can ask for them to be left un-glued, if you fancy swapping them around later on. If you do choose the custom option Brick Caps ask that you send them a photo for a chance to win another set, a new winner is chosen every month.

If you want to take a look these little fellas before buying you can pick them up from various stores in the UK and Europe. Alternatively you can buy them from their online store. Brick Caps have also got involved with the local race-scene and are sponsoring a UK team. You’ll see their logo on the Sn vitae Bim bam coaching RT jersey, racing in the UK and Europe.

So there you go, Brick Caps. If you know someone is struggling and you’ve got enough socks, let them know about these little yellow fellas. At £5.99 for a single, £9.99 for a matching pair and £15.99 for four, they won’t break the bank.

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