Stubble & Co Roll Top Mini bag; lightweight and waterproof

Stubble & Co’s Roll Top Mini is a small waterproof backpack to compliment their larger Roll Top bag.

The Stubble & Co Roll Top Mini is a waterproof 14L bag that comes with a 13″ laptop compartment, two side pockets and a zipped external pocket; the last big enough to take an E-reader or paperback. Inside it has two mesh pockets and another zipped one. So that’s plenty of storage and there are a couple of side compression straps that are useful securing items to the outside, should you need to.

Stubble & Co Roll Top Mini bag
The Stubble & Co Roll Top Mini bag

The main body of the bag is made from 600D Recycled PET, while the interior is a 200D material. As well as being waterproof this feels very durable. All the seams are taped and the external zip is also water-resistant. Where possible Stubble & Co have use recycled materials in the bag. Other features include padded straps and back, adjustable chest strap and good sized grab-handle.

What’s it like to use?

The first thing that I like about the Roll Top Mini is the colour. It really reminds me of my old MA1 flying jacket. The outside is Urban Green, while inside it’s a flouro orange, just like my old jacket. All the straps and the back padding are black and it looks good. Talking about the straps, Stubble & Co have put elasticated strap-keepers on all the straps; a big plus for me. I hate the feeling of being whipped by loose flapping straps as I ride along, so these are a great detail.

If you ever wore a MA1 jacket this will be a familiar colourway

When riding into work I try and limit how much I take. Mainly because I have a couple of 12 and 16% climbs and the last thing I need is a huge pack weighing me down. So the Stubble & Co Roll Top Mini looks to be just what I need. In my job there’s no need to carry a huge amount; I work four days as a bike mechanic, so no suits and ties! I can fit work trousers, t-shirts and underwear for the week, with room for lunch, perfect for me.

The Stubble & Co G clip
It’s called a G clip, I think it looks like an A clip!

For me the straps fit just right for on the bike. Usually I commute on the road bike and with some bags this brings the top into contact with the back of my helmet. That wasn’t an issue with the Mini, it sat low enough for this not be an issue. The chest strap is adjustable and held the bag in place without any slipping around. Although there isn’t a waist strap, I didn’t find this a problem; I don’t usually use them on the bike anyway.

Roll top closure

The roll-top closure is really easy to use and nothing is getting in or out once it’s closed! If you’ve not used a roll-top bag before, it’s quite simple. You just pinch the sides in, roll the top over and secure it with the G clip, simple. The clip can be secured at three different lengths, depending on how stuffed your bag is. The bottom of the G clip strap has an extra loop to secure a light, a nice touch.

Stubble & Co laptop pocket
The whole side opens to take a 13″ laptop

Is it waterproof?

How waterproof is the Stubble & Co Roll Top Mini? Well I was fortunate enough(!) have a couple of wet rides home and can confirm that all my kit stayed dry. I like the fact that the whole bag is waterproof. Even though this makes for a slightly heavier bag, I don’t have to stop to fit water-proof covers. If it rains while I’m riding the bag is water-proof, so I just keep riding

There are reflective logos and edging on the straps

So there you go, the Stubble & Co Roll Top Mini, it’s tough, waterproof, well appointed and it looks cool! What more do you need in a bag?

Stubble & Co

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