KYMIRA Sports Pr02 Winter Preview

KYMIRA Sports Pr02 Winter Preview


KYMIRA Sports Pr02 Winter Clothing Preview


Paul Horta-Hopkins


A preview of KYMIRA Sports Pr02 Winter jersey and bib-tights.


FIR or Far Infrared Radiation isn’t an an acronym you often come across in cycling. It sounds like something connected with space rather than the world of two wheels. It’s a technology that has come to us via the medical world and KYMIRA Sports have developed a range of sports clothing using it. I’ll be testing out the KYMIRA Sports Pr02 Winter gear over the winter/spring.


The KYMIRA Sports Pr02 winter jersey and bibtights
The KYMIRA Sports Pr02 winter jersey and bibtights


I’ve actually already tried out some of KYMIRA Sport’s clothing in my review of their summer kit. I really liked the summer Pr02 shorts and jersey, so I’m expecting a lot from their winter offering. But first a little recap on what FIR is and it’s claimed benefits from the KYMIRA Sports website;


What is FIR?
What is FIR?


Increased Circulation
Far Infrared Radiation (FIR) increases vasodilation of blood vessels by increasing the production of nitric oxide. Vasodilation expands the blood vessels causing the flow of blood to increase which in turn allows for a variety of positive effects on body tissue, including increased glycogen levels, faster removal of lactic acid, and better thermoregulatory ability.


I took a size small in the blue fade
I took a size small in the blue fade


Increased tissue oxygen levels by 20%
FIR increases the oxygen levels as well as nutrient levels in the blood making them more readily available to cells when needed. Blood circulation is also increased which speeds up the delivery of blood to the muscles. It also hastens the breakdown of lactic acid and the rate at which waste products are removed. This delays the onset of fatigue and increases muscle performance during exercise.


Increased cellular metabolism and energy production
The increased circulation and oxygenation levels of the blood results in a faster replenishment of energy both during and after exercise as well as increasing cellular repair and replication. FIR causes nitric oxide to dissociate from the active site of cytochrome-C oxidase, a protein in your mitochondria which power the energy production process within cells. The metabolic processes within cells occur quicker because the active site is free, allowing for increased ATP production. ATP is the source of energy for all physiological processes and due to the increase in its production cells will grow, repair, and replicate faster.



Pain Relief
FIR causes a release of nitric oxide that subsequently activates cyclic guanine monophosphate (cGMP) which mediates pain reduction. FIR therefore stimulates the biological pain relief mechanisms of the body without the need for drugs. Users of KYMIRA Sport products report reductions in DOMS and other exercise related pains. Relief of pain from chronic conditions such as old injuries is also seen and can improve performance.”


The jersey comes in two colours, a red to black or blue to black fade and has a SPF35 rating. Its cut looks similar to the summer version, more racing whippet than MAMIL; so a good incentive to attack those muffin tops! There are the usual three rear pockets and a fourth, zipped one for your valuables. Flat locked seams are chafe free, as I discovered with the summer version, although you’ll probably be using a base layer. The rest of the jersey is actually pretty simple and looks well made.


It's the same Masguant CoolMax pad that was in the summer kit, comfy!
Its the same Masguant CoolMax pad that was in the summer kit, comfy!


The men’s Pr02 bib tights are multi-panelled and use the same flat lock constructions to stop any rubbing. I’m assuming the legs utilise KYMIRA Sports FIR material, they do feel very thin. The bib uses a breathable jacquard material, to help keep you cool. The chamois is the same Masguant CoolMax pad as the summer shorts, which was very comfortable. The legs are finished without zips, so nothing to go wrong there.


So I’ll be using the Pr02 winter kit this winter and into spring and will be interested to see how it performs. I’ll let you know how it stood up against KYMIRA Sports summer clothing.




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