Active Root Sports Drink Preview

Active Root Sports Drink Preview


Active Root Sports Drink Preview


Simon Tuck


Active Root is a ginger based sports drink, which claims to Balance, Fuel and Hydrate you.


When I saw the Active Root stand at the London Cycle Show, the main thing that attracted me is that although I’m not a big fan (or my stomach isn’t) of sports drinks, I do really like ginger. The guys were happy to send me a box of sachets to sample.


Active Root in action
Active Root contains four natural ingredients.


Active Root contains no artificial additives, chemicals or preservatives. Its natural ingredients mean that it’s perfect for Vegans and people on a Gluten Free diet. There’s only four ingredients in the product – unbleached cane sugar, citric acid, sea salt and natural root ginger. The mix is produced in a factory in Lancashire and the company is based in Edinburgh.


Active Root sachet1
Balance, Fuel, Hydrate with Active Root


Balance, Fuel and Hydrate you say? Ginger helps reduce bloating and sickness. I tend not to use sports drinks as they give me cramps. I’ve found drinking water and using separate electrolyte tablets is more effective for me, but Active Root could provide a solution to my woes.


Each 35g sachet or serving of Active Root contains 32.7g of carbohydrate. This carbohydrate, made from unbleached cane sugar, is made up of fructose and glucose allowing you to absorb it more easily. A low glycemic index means the energy is delivered at a steady rate.


Unrefined natural sea salt helps provide essential minerals which mean your body can absorb fluid and rehydrate faster.


Active Root tub
One scoop then add water and shake vigorously


I recently entered a 24 hour endurance race, so balancing the drinking of bottles of water and popping Saltstick tablets might become quite tedious. Active Root sounds like it might be ideal for me, not only helping rehydrate but helping to provide some extra carbs too. It’s always wise to try new products well before an event, so I’m going to give it a go and I’ll let you know how I get on.



Active Root Website


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