Fhoss Cycling Safety Lights Preview

Fhoss Cycling Safety Lights Preview


Fhoss Cycling Safety Lights Preview


Simon Tuck


This is a Preview of some safety lights from Fhoss. Designed to help cyclists stand out in low light and dark conditions, these products will help keep you safe.


Fhoss are back with some more cycling products. They sent me some FiArmbands to review last year. The FiArmbands are back, in 35cm and 45cm versions, and I’ve been sent the rest of the new range to test out.


Fhoss Products 1
Fhoss Safety Products


These new products by Fhoss are available now. They are The Signalling Rucksack; The Signalling Bicycle Tail Bag; The Cord; The Clip On Magnetic Light. Although there’s no legal requirement to have additional lighting it does make sense in certain situations. If you ride in rush hour with lots of other lighting and vehicles, using a flashing light or a different colour light helps you get noticed. If you ride along dark roads late at night then a different coloured or flashing light might make that driver look again before he pulls out on you. The Rucksack and Tail Bag help motorists behind you to see you and as an additional reminder of which way you are turning.


Signalling Rucksack


Fhoss Illuminated Rucksack
Easier to see you, and there’s built in indicators


This rucksack has a similar LED panel to the Lumos Aster and GoLED rucksacks I reviewed last year. The Fhoss rucksack is small at only 5 litres and is operated with a remote control that fixes to your handlebars or wrist. Charging is handled by a USB lead that’s hidden in a pocket behind the LED panel. Inside is an internal pocket and the main pocket. The main pocket has a zip that looks waterproof. To help it stand out, the rucksack is made from a lime green nylon ripstop material that looks like it might be reflective. Lightweight webbing straps with a waist strap and a chest fastener help keep it all in place when you’re moving.


Signalling Bicycle Tail Bag


Fhoss Bicycle Tail Bag
Fhoss Bicycle Tail Bag


The Tail Bag is medium to large sized and would easily fit several tubes, a multi-tool and a spare layer of clothing. The LED panel in the Tail Bag is the same as the one in the rucksack and has the same remote control and fixings. The USB charging lead is tucked into a pocket behind the LED panel. The Tail Bag is made from the same nylon ripstop fabric as the rucksack but in orange and black. There’s a Velcro loop to attach to the seat tube, and two Velcro loops to attach to the saddle rails. The Tail Bag consists of just one main compartment which opens from the rear.


The Cord


Fhoss Cord
Show other road users what an angel you are


The Cord is just under 70cm of solid, flexible tube. This tube can be cut to size and conducts light from the main unit, which houses the battery and the on/off switch. The Cord comes in blue, green, white and red. The Cord is designed to be attached around your helmet like a halo and comes with some adhesive Velcro loops to facilitate this. You could just as easily loop it through a bag, or cut it to the right length to fit around an arm or leg.


Clip On Magnetic Light


Fhoss Clip On Magnetic Light
Where will you clip yours?


The Fhoss Clip On Magnetic Light has 4 LEDs and with the press of a button you can switch it on. You can then select between constant or flashing modes by further pressing the button. There’s lots of ways you could attach the light using the magnets in the weather resistant cover. Utilising the supplied stick-on magnets you could attach it to pretty much anything. Fhoss suggest attaching to clothing, bike, helmet or a magnetic surface. The light comes in red, white or blue.


I’ll be testing these products on the dark cycle tracks of Cambridge and looking at how best to use them to get the most out of them.


Fhoss Website


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