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Reviews - Vittoria Corsa SC 25mm Pro Series
Wednesday, April 15th, 2015


Vittoria Corsa SC 25mm Pro Series


Tom Smith


Preview of the Vittoria Corsa SC 25mm Pro Series


If you want one set of tubulars to do it all, then Vittoria’s Corsa SC 25mm Pro Series will probably be close to the top of your list…


Watching the Tour of Flanders this weekend, it’s clear how important your tubulars are. We want grip, but not at the expense of rolling resistance. We want lightweight, but not if they’re going to puncture. We want comfort, but not if they’re going to squirm when sprinting, climing or cornering. So it’s reassuring to know that the Vittoria Corsa SC 25mm Pro Series we have in for review were developed with input from the world’s top racing teams and that Vittoria have years of experience when it comes to making the best racing rubber you can buy.

Vittoria Corsa SC tubular


Before the full review, let’s look at these tubulars in more detail…


Vittoria Corsa SC


First up, Vittoria’s ISOGRIP rubber compound looks good and historically they’ve always made tyres you can really lean on through the corners. Hopefully their latest compound continues this trend. The tread pattern itself designed for all conditions, so we should be confident that these are ready come rain or shine.


Vittoria Corsa SC tubular
They feature a ‘PRB 2.0 breaker’ for improved puncture resistance (40% better than before apparently), as well as a Latex inner tube which is both lighter and more flexible and therefore more puncture resistant than a regular butyl tube.

Vittoria Corsa SC tubular

Finally being a top quality tubular, it is hand stitched, with cotton ribbon and features that all important 320 TPI Corespun casing for improved suppleness and therefore comfort.

Vittoria Corsa SC


These particular tyres also have gum coloured sidewalls rather than black which has been in vogue for the past 5 years. These seem to be making a comeback this year and I really like the look.
Vittoria Corsa SC
I’ve already done a couple of races on these and so far so good. Now the days are getting longer and the evening crits have started, I’ll be racing more and should be ready to give the full low down on their performance in a couple of months. I’m hoping I don’t need pro legs to benefit from the pro performance this rubber promises is on offer.


Vittoria USA
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