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Clothing - Rapha Pro Team Collection
Thursday, February 19th, 2015


Rapha Pro Team Collection


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Rapha Pro Team Collection


Introducing Peter Kennaugh as the new face of Rapha Pro Team

Rapha Pro Team Collection
“Cycling to me is not just about the numbers and winning races, it’s about the style. The sense of freedom when you are off the front, when you are driving the peloton and knowing you are putting others in pain, putting it all on the line in the little hope that you might pull off something legendary. It’s what I enjoy about working with Rapha, a company that understands the incredibly emotional nature of this sport. To them, it’s not just a cycling jersey, or a pair of socks; there’s a reason for every single part of the design, and they want their products to tell a story.” – Peter Kennaugh
Rapha Pro Team Collection
Rapha are delighted to announce that Team Sky rider and current British Road Race Champion Peter Kennaugh is the new face of Rapha Pro Team.
Rapha Pro Team Collection
Built for speed and tailored for professional road racers, the Pro Team collection delivers streamlined, lightweight and efficient racewear for competing at the highest level. Working with Team Sky helps Rapha remain at the forefront of racewear innovation and such a close relationship with Kennaugh, an ambitious rider with a discerning eye for detail in his own racing apparel, is a truly exciting prospect.
Rapha Pro Team Collection
The 25-year-old Kennaugh, who hails from the Isle of Man, rode for the 2013 Tour-winning Team Sky outfit and has since proven his commitment and talent in numerous other world-class races.

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