Garmin Edge 1000

Garmin Edge 1000


Garmin Edge 1000


By Simon Whiten


Preview of the New Garmin Edge 1000 Cycling Computer


Garmin will tell you they are the global leader in satellite navigation and, as far as cycling is concerned, who would disagree? Since the introduction of the Edge 205, Garmin have gone on to dominate the cycle computer GPS market and no where can you see this more clearly than among the sportive brigade; a Garmin is as much a part of the kit as is a pair of cycling shorts.


In early April Garmin announced the Edge 1000 as their new top of the range cycling computer aimed at serious cyclists for ‘competing, connecting, and navigating’.


As with the arrival of the Edge 810 and 510 last year, the launch of the new Edge 1000 introduces new features to market designed to keep Garmin ahead of the game in what is an increasingly competitive market.

Garmin Edge 1000
Garmin Edge 1000


Notably these include the ability to compete on Strava style segments, racing either against your previous efforts or against the current KOM. You can get information on how you are doing in real time and will eventually be able to plan rides to incorporate specific segments that you wish to tackle, though at present Garmin say that ‘planning rides that include multiple segments directly on the device and the dual orientation screen will be available with later scheduled software updates’.

If you are one of the new breed of busy executives, as well as a hard training amateur cyclist, you’ll be pleased to hear that the Edge 1000 can provide connection to incoming calls and text message alerts as you ride. If you are an Android user, then breath a sigh of exasperation though, as this is designed to work with i-phones only at present.
For ease of viewing during efforts, the Edge 1000 has a large 3” high-resolution, colour, touch screen display, designed to cope both with gloves and wet weather; the unit is even water-rated to withstand incidental exposure to water of up to a metre for up to 30 minutes. That would have been very useful in the recent British winter floods…


To keep your mates informed of your prowess, the Edge 1000 offers instant uploads to social media and live tracking, which allows friends and family to follow races and training activities in real time. There’s also on-the-go upload and download of data from Garmin Connect, and advanced bike-specific navigation and mapping capabilities. You can download software updates with either Bluetooth Smart wireless or Wi-Fi.

There are preloaded maps, with courses, guide back to start and calculate the most direct route features, plus of course turn-by-turn directions. The Edge 1000 will also calculate three routes for you based on how far you want to go and let you review each route profile before setting off.
As with all such devices, the Edge 1000’s display is fully customisable with regard to performance monitoring, workouts and training. You can set up activity profiles, saving your data and routing preferences to allow easy transition between the different types of riding you do.

A nice touch is the ambient light sensor that of course provides illumination at night but also when transitioning through areas of changing light such as tunnels.

The display has a dual orientation feature so you can position the Edge horizontally on wide view, or in the normal portrait view to better see the route ahead.
As before the Edge 1000 is compatible with ANT+ sensors for heart rate, speed and cadence sensors, and power should you have it; the Edge 1000 comes with a preloaded power-based workout to calculate functional threshold power, from which riders can base their power training zones. The easy-to-install, self-calibrating bike speed sensor has no magnets or other exposed parts to line up, so can easily be moved between bikes

There is also a new Edge Remote control that so you don’t even have to remove your hands from the handlebars and the Edge 1000 is the first Garmin bike computer that is compatible with Shimano Di2 electronic shifting systems to display your current gear selection on the screen. The battery life is good at up to 15 hours.
Edge 1000 will be available to purchase in Spring 2014 . RRP is $599.99 or $699.99 for a HRM and speed/cadence sensor bundle.
This video gives you an idea of Edge functionality…

Look out for a full review on soon.
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