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Cyclocross - Remerx RTX AL Disc Wheels
Friday, November 29th, 2013


Remerx RTX AL Disc Wheels


Tim Granshaw


Remerx RTX AL Disc Tubular Wheels


We’ve just received a set of Remerx’s new RTX disc cyclocross wheels: After giving them a look over, we’re excited to start riding and racing them. Remerx may not be familiar to all of our readers, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been around. The company was founded 25 years ago near Slavacin, Czechoslovakia just a few hours drive from Brno. As they’ve grown, they’ve continued to invest in manufacturing; Remerx produces its own aluminium rims and hubs rather than outsourcing and rebranding components.


Remerx RTX AL Disc


The combination of factory location and control over their own materials allows Remerx to build custom wheels at very competitive prices. Wheels can be built to order within 4 weeks with various hub designs, widths, hub colors, and spoke and nipple colors.


Impressively this customization is offered at very keen prices and our wheelset is priced at £375 pounds, whether bought from stock or built to order.


The Remerx wheelset is a sturdy looking set-up, perfect for cross. The hubs are nicely machined red-anodized units housing cartridge bearings with an additional alloy dust cover. The dust covers, are lined with chamois, that when combined with a dab of grease around the cartridge should help keep the dust and mud of our favourite cyclocross course at bay.


Remerx RTX AL Disc


The hubs are designed for Remerx’s proprietary hammerhead spoke. These spokes are the most distinctive part of the wheel offering. They are constructed of aluminium, rather than the more traditional steel, are massive (even larger than the Spinergy carbon spokes of years past), and of a subtly bladed design.


Remerx RTX AL Disc


Remerx claim this unusual design results in a stronger, faster wheel. They claim their spokes are 33% stronger than comparable steel designs thanks to their straight construction, and larger seating area in the hub. Yet, these aluminium spokes are also lighter. According to Remerx, this strength results in 3-8% better power transmission than a comparable steel spoked rim.


Remerx RTX AL Disc


The wheels are 24 spoke, laced double cross. Like other hammerhead designs from Shimano and Mavic, the spokes do not touch as they overlap, running without any spoke to spoke contact from hub to rim.


The rims are excellently machined with no visible seam. According to Remerx’s UK distributor, Remerx builds rims for many other manufacturers in their Czech factory.


Remerx RTX AL Disc


We’ll be interested to see how these wheels ride over the bumps, rocks, and roots of British cyclocross courses. We’ve glued a pair of impressive Schwalbe Rocket Ron tubulars on for the muddy months ahead. We’ll report back soon with a full review.

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