Nanoprotech Cycle Lubricant


Nanoprotech Cycle Lubricant


By Alastair McNeill


Preview of the new Russian made Nanoprotech Cycle Lubricant


The Russians are coming; well, actually Nanoprotech Bike Spray has arrived. Developed in “deepest Russia” and now available in the UK, Nanoprotech is created to “lubricate, protect and maintain your bike” . As someone who rides various bikes in all conditions, I was interested to see how this product would perform when used on both my mountain and road bike.



Nanoprotech comes with an impressive array of laboratory tested technical data to back up its claims to protect metals, moving parts and mechanisms against corrosion. For example, Nanoprotech is effective in temperatures as low as -45 celsius; Salt Spray Test duration – 96hrs; Levels of wear test – 0.46 (lower than other name brands tested and therefore better); and The Electrical Insulation Test – Resistance layer of 92 μm.


Nanoprotech 3


Now, whilst I like my lab results as much and probably more than the next man, I have to admit that having read the results stated I was still none the wiser. So I showed it to a man who was… As an engineer and veteran of a round the world sailing expedition, Steve takes his equipment seriously, and when he read over the supplied information he liked what he saw.


Perhaps unlike users of Nanoprotech in Russia, Finland, Ukraine and other cold Northern countries, I did not intend to put the -45 celsius claim to the test, though I do not doubt its accuracy for a minute; after all, the Russians know a thing or two about keeping things moving when conditions get bad (think Stalingrad in the the winter of 1943).


I did, however, use Nanoprotech to keep my winter training bike going around muddy Kent lanes, and my mountain bike protected from some very wet Welsh weather.


Nanoprotech 2


Nanoprotech comes in a 210ml pressurized can, and with a directional nozzle for accurate application into drive chain, rear mech, etc. The relatively small size makes it handy enough to carry in a backpack on all day mountain bike, though this should not really be necessary as the lube provides a long lasting protective and lubricating film. I used it prior to riding, applying it to a relatively clean cassette and chain. Results were impressive, and chain showed good resistance to the elements (mainly wet and gritty during a 50 mile Kent run). I also used it on a cloth to clean various moving parts. Its consistency is fairly light and ‘liquidy’, with a distinctive creamy, yellow colour.


On my mountain bike it also stood up well, though I’m still inclined to opt for a wet lube when things get very wet and muddy, and use the Nanoprotech as a moisture displacing agent at the end of a ride once the bike is cleaned.


Nanoprotech 4


Its relatively early days with regards to how Nanoprotech performs in other conditions – for example, hot dusty days – but on the evidence of my testing so far it certainly performs well as an effective product to use if you want to keep the wheels rolling and the moisture at bay this winter.




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Simon Whiten (London and Northumberland, UK) has been riding for over 20 years and raced the road and the track extensively in the UK and Europe. He is obsessed with the turbo trainer and the ‘shortcut to race fitness’.

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