Clement MXP Cyclocross Tyres

Clement MXP Cyclocross Tyres


Clement MXP Cyclocross Tyres


By Rob Allen


We review the intermediate, clincher Clement MXP cyclocross tyre


The MXP is Clement’s intermediate cyclocross clincher. It’s wide, floaty and supple like it’s file tread and mud cousins, and exceptionally grippy with a comparatively aggressive tread and the same tacky compound as the LAS. We were able to run 25 psi without pinch flats on our local ‘cross loops. It excelled in looser, greasier terrain but rolled marginally less easily than other intermediates on smoother surfaces.


Clement MXP




Pavement (3 out of 5).: The MXP rolls reasonably freely, albeit the relatively chunky tread does drag and can squirm in the corners. The MXP is designed to excel once away from the black stuff.


Hardpack and dry grass (4 out of 5): The Clement grips outstandingly, allowing the rider to rail into the turns. The high volume and supple casing absorbs bumps nicely and the slightly draggy sensation at higher speeds is less pronounced. The grip is so good we could hear the grass being torn when accelerating hard out of turns.


Wet grass (5 out of 5): The MXPs simply excel in these conditions. They grip hard and even when they finally break loose do so in a predictable manner. Braking performance is particularly good, giving us the confidence to leave it late and the ability to dive up the inside of a competitor.


Sodden grass and light mud: (5 out of 5). Again, the MXP’s star in these conditions.


Mud (3 out of 5): It is noticeable once the mud picks up that the MXP’s performance drops off quite quickly as they “ball up” – that is to say the tight spaces between tread blocks fill with mud which the tyre can’t clear and the grip drops precipitously. What’s possibly even worse about this effect is that it adds a fair bit of rotating weight too. Bad news. Our advice is to switch to muds for courses with anything other than short sections of serious mud.


Final thoughts:


The MXP Is an outstanding and grippy intermediate cyclocross tyre. It has a pretty wide window of effectiveness and is confidence inducing for the less experienced and skillful rider. As well as in matching pairs, it works well as a front paired with a file tread rear in dryer conditions and as a rear paired with a mud tread front on sloppier courses. We loved it and can’t wait to test the tubular version.


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