Lazer Lifebeam Helmet

Lazer Lifebeam Helmet


The Lazer LifeBEAM Helmet


April 2013


The new Lazer LifeBEAM helmet mounted monitoring system may spell the end of those annoying heart rate chest straps…RIP HR chest strap?


Lifebeam SMART Lazer Helmet


Lets face it none of us can really like wearing heart rate monitor chest straps. If you could swap it for something built into your helmet we think most people would.


Lifebeam SMART Lazer Helmet


The Israeli company LifeBEAM created a system for use in the helmets of fighter pilots in collaboration with the Israeli Air Force, able to monitor the heart rate of a pilot, blood flow, and oxygen saturation during the flight. Should it detect a potentially life-threatening, such as hypoxia, both the rider and the ground staff would be alerted in real time.


Lifebeam SMART Lazer Helmet


Now LifeBEAM is working with Lazer helmets, Google and NASA to bring the same technology to cycling, integrating the sensor and the CPU into the Lazer Genesis model.


Lifebeam SMART Lazer Helmet


The prototype is called SMART and has a sensor on the front that detects your heart rate and transmits data to a unit on the back of the helmet. This unit is a microprocessor with accelerometers designed to have an autonomy of 15 hours and to filter the movement that would give false readings.


Lifebeam SMART Lazer Helmet


It uses Ant+ and so is compatible with Garmins and similar bike computers, plus most smartphones.





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