Mojawa Run Plus Headphones Preview

Bone conducting and water-proof, are the Mojawa Run Plus headphones just what you need?

The Mojawa Run Plus headphones have some impressive specifications to them. They’re water-proof bone-conducting headphones with 32Gb of internal storage. If you’re someone who likes to have sounds pumping while training, then these headphones could be what you’re looking for.

Mojawa Run Plus box contents
What’s in the box?

Bone conduction?

Mojawa Run Plus uses bone-conduction to transmit vibrations from the headphones to your inner-ear via the bones in your skull. This leaves you ears uncovered and free to pick up external sounds, important for situational awareness. So if you are training outdoors you can listen to a track, but still be able to hear what is going on a round you.

The headphones have two transmitters that sit just in front of your ears. The left hand one can be pressed to control your track selection, answer calls, initiate Bluetooth and power on and off. Behind each ear are small bulges that contain storage and battery. The right hand one also acts as a volume control, swiping up or down will affect the volume.

IP68 rating

The IP68 rating means that it is sealed against dust and water-proof. The second digit in the IP code denotes that the headphones are “suitable for continuous immersion in water under conditions which the manufacturer shall specify.” So you should be able to take your sounds with you not only in the shower, but up to depths of two metres. This is great news for swimmers and triathletes, or anyone who trains in the rain!

The frame is made up of a flexible titanium skeleton covered in soft rubber. This holds the headphones securely to your head. Watching the Mojawa video and you can see athletes performing parcours style moves without losing their headphones. So running and cycling shouldn’t cause any issues.

The Mojawa Run Plus uses a magnetic charging cable
The Mojawa Run Plus uses a magnetic charging cable

Charging is via a magnetic cable and a full charge is claimed to give you eight hours of sounds. Mojawa make a big deal that the Run Plus’s audio has been tuned by five Grammy winning audio producers. The dual suspension anchor system in the headphones is apparently a world first. This gives “a deep resonant bass that you can feel”.

Mojawa Run Plus spec sheet
Mojawa Run Plus spec sheet

I’ll be reviewing the Mojawa Run Plus headphones over the coming weeks and will let you know how they perform.

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