Bike Ceramic from Gtechniq, Preview

Gtechniq’s Bike Ceramic coating offers up to 24 months protection for your frame.

How do you keep your pride and joy looking as good as it did when you first got it? Well by cleaning it of course! However dirt has a way of building up and that lustrous top coat will become dull over time. Which is where Bike Ceramic comes in.

Gtechniq's Bike Ceramic coating, a little bottle that promises a lot
Gtechniq’s Bike Ceramic coating, a little bottle that promises a lot

Gtechniqs paint protection range is designed by no less than an actual quantum physicist! Not happy with the waxes and polishes available for yachts and sports cars, he decided to make his own. Using the latest developments in fields such as nanochemistry and supramolecular chemistry, he created coatings that bond to the paint.

Bike Ceramic has been formulated to minimise adhesion of foreign objects such as brake dust, road grime and mud. This sounds perfect to me and I’m going to apply it both my road and ‘cross bikes. While a clean bike is a happy bike, cleaning your bikes can be a bit of a chore. So anything that reduces the amount of time I spend washing, is worth looking at!

What’s in the box

In the Bike Ceramic kit you get what looks like a ridiculously small – 15ml – bottle. This contains a viscous liquid that will chemically bond with your bike’s paint. The durable and optically clear ceramic coating, will form a dense layer over your paint, preventing dirt sticking to it. Instead contaminants slide off the ‘ultra-slick’ layer. There are also two micro-fibre cloths, an application pad, a bottle of frame-prep and a pair of gloves.

Application is easy

Before you apply the coating you first have to clean your bike and then wipe it with Gtechniq’s Frame Prep. This is to get all the grease off of the frame, so the Bike Ceramic can achieve a good bond. You then apply Bike Ceramic, wait a few minutes and wipe off any excess; and that’s it. It all sounds very simple and I’ll be applying it to my bikes ahead of the winter. If it can cope with a winter of gritty roads and a bit of cyclo-cross, I will be impressed.

As a side note, you can apply Bike Ceramic over vinyl, so you could RideWrap your bike and then apply Gtechnic’s coating on top; belt and braces! Check out the Gtechniq range here.

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