Do you know when to change your tyres? Vittoria know.

Do you know when to change your tyres? Vittoria know.

The guys at Vittoria are worried that you’re not keeping an eye on your tyre wear. Well, are you?

Tyres for some of us are an obsession. From the time-triallist looking for the fastest, most aero tyres. Or the off-roader looking for the Holy Grail of puncture resistance, grip and speed. We all want something special from our rubber; or rubber based compounds. But even the best tyres wear out, but would you know what to look for, no? Well Vittoria do.

Once you’ve chosen them, what should you be doing to keep them in good condition and when should you change them? Vittoria give a suitably vague answer to “how many miles before I change my tyres?” It’s one of those questions that has so many factors affecting it that any number cam only be a vague shot in the dark.

The Vittoria Corsa N.EXT
Tyres like the Vittoria Corsa N.EXT have some impressive features, but you still need to keep an eye on how they’re wearing

Handily Vittoria aren’t giving any concrete numbers, instead they list the factors that can affect tyre wear. Everything from the type of tyre – a lightweight racing tubular isn’t going to last the same as a heavy duty world tourer. And riding style will have an affect, love popping wheelies and pulling skids? Well say goodbye to long tyre life. Or maybe you only ride on soft grass and loam, well lucky you! Or you’re blessed with smooth, pot hole free tarmac, these are all going to affect your tyre’s lifespan.

What to look for

They also describe what you should be looking out for as signs that your tyres are due a change. Cracked rubber, missing tread blocks, or bald patches? You need to be looking at changing your tyres. Handily Vittoria know a thing or two about tyres and if you look through their range you’re sure to find something suitable.

Once your tyre has worn out, you’re going to have to recycle it. Chucking it in landfill is no longer an option and in some countries it’s classified as hazardous waste! Check out your local projects, many shops will be collection points for a recycle service. In Italy Vittoria have teamed up with Esosports to provide a recyle project, turning old tyres and inner-tubes in to playground and running tracks!

Take a look at the full article here.

And if you’re new to the world of fixing punctures, they’ve handily included a little “how to” video.

But if you’re leaving the world of inner tubes behind, then take a look at their tubeless “how to”.

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