Alba Optics Delta glasses, a timeless classic

Alba Optics Delta glasses, a timeless classic

I’ve been using these Delta glasses from Alba Optics for over a year and they’re now my first choice for all rides.

Alba Optics are an Italian company that has a love of cycling and 80s design. The founders, Piergiorgio and Luca are keen to keep production in Italy. They use production partners who minimise environmental impact while setting a high standard of working conditions. The kind of ethos that we can all get behind.

There are five models in Alba’s range, the Anvma, Solo, Mantra, Stratos and the Delta; I’ve been trying out the Delta glasses. The Delta glasses come in three models, Original, Lei and Ulltra. I’ve been using the Delta Original glasses, the OG version!

Style cues

Alba optics say they took their design cues from the 80’s and 90’s. A period that included the birth of the internet, the fall of the Berlin Wall, Chernobyl, Italy winning the World Cup and the “golden age” of Hip Hop! Well I’m no student of design, but they are good looking glasses.

The Delta Original, comes in a choice of seven colour/lens choices, mine have a clear frame and photochromatic lens. The packaging consists of a nice carboard box and a soft white bag/polishing cloth. There’s also a lanyard that clips into holes in the arms, a nice discreet method.

The Alba Optics Delta Original comes in different versions
Take your pick

The lens

The lens is a big curved one that covers a lot of your face – perfect off road – keeping any stray objects coming from underneath. I have found that smaller, flatter lenses can let grit from your tyres spray up into your eye. The Delta Originals lens sits really close to my cheek and stops this happening, great for gravel, mtb and ‘cross rides.

What’s in the box?

Being such a big lens the Delta Original also provides an uninterrupted view. There’s no frame obstructing your field of view, either to the side or top and bottom. So when you have them on, it’s easy to forget they’re there. Despite the lens being so close and sealed, they rarely suffered from misting up. The only time they did was in a very humid race, up a steep climb and they cleared very quickly. Alba Optics say this is due to the curved shape of the lens and two horizontal ventilation holes.

And the other big positive about the lens is that it is photochromatic. I love these lenses! I’ve worn them all year, in all conditions, on all surfaces, day and night! Okay maybe the last one is stretching it a bit. I have worn them at night, but on lit urban roads. They cope well with changing light conditions well, if you have a ride that lasts a few hours, during which the sun is dodging in and out of the clouds, then these lenses are great. If you want to see how they work, put them in the sun, but cover half the lens. After a minute uncover them and you’ll see that one side has gone darker, magic!

Short arms?

When I first got the Delta Originals I thought the arms looked a little short, but once they’re on the fit was perfect for me. The ends of the arms curve around my ears, so there’s no slipping. I realised that the little nose-piece push that I have with other glasses, has now become a tic! I kept pushing the Deltas back onto my nose, even though they hadn’t moved.

Alba Optics Delta Original

The lens can be easily removed if you need for cleaning, or replacement. Alba Optics produce a whole range of different lenses if you need, but for me the photochromatic version is perfect. And after over a year of constant hard use, that lens is still in good condition. I must admit that I’m not the most careful sunglasses owner. They tend to lead a tough life, they get thrown around a lot, so I usually buy cheap. These Delta Originals however have stood up really well and this is down to the VZUM lens. The coating Alba Optics have used is anti-scratch and holeophobic (or is that oleophobic?) and it’s done its job.

Just right!

So, the Alba Optics Delta Originals, for me they have become my absolute favourite glasses. Whatever the type of riding I’m doing they are just right! Whatever the type of weather, again, they’re just right! Check them out.

Alba Optics

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