TICCC Thermal Bibshorts
TICCC Thermal Bibshorts

This Is Cambridge Thermal Bibshort Preview


This Is Cambridge Thermal Bibshort Preview


Simon Tuck


At the end of Summer last year, This Is Cambridge (TIC) released their first bibshorts which we previewed here. We were expecting to test them once the weather warmed up, but now TIC have released another set of bibshorts, the Thermal Bibshort, which they’ve sent us to try out instead.


TIC’s Thermal Bibshorts are similar to their standard bibshorts. They are the same plain black colour, which goes with any of the bright and exciting designs of the TIC jerseys and socks. The same understated logos, and the same high quality pad also feature on these Thermal Bibshorts.


TICCC Thermal Bibshorts 1

Understated simplicity. TIC Thermal Bibshorts can be combined with any colour jersey and socks


Italian fleece-backed fabric and a Durable Water Repellant (DWR) coating turn the humble bibshort into a versatile and essential piece of clothing for the year round cyclist. There’s good fabric coverage at the back of the shorts to keep draughts out. The legs end in an elastic gripper strip with a silicone pattern to keep the cuffs in the right place.


TICCC Thermal Bibshorts 2

The material on the radio pocket matches the pink/white Stripes Baselayer, just so you know.


It wouldn’t be a TIC product if there wasn’t some colour, so one of the straps and the radio/ valuables pocket have a lovely splash of pink. This will be covered up by a jersey, but it’s a nice touch. TIC say they developed their standard bibs around the pad and these Thermal Bibshorts use the same pad. It’s a TIC branded pad and it’s designed for all day rides. It certainly feels firm and substantial. I’ll be testing the bibshorts on some longer rides as I start upping my mileage in training for a 24 hour tandem ride.


TICCC Thermal Bibshorts 5

The most important part of your shorts is the pad. TIC designed their shorts around the pad.


The fleece-backed water resistant material will mean that you can start wearing them a bit earlier than your Summer bibs. With the addition of either TIC’s knee warmers, or some water resistant leg warmers, these shorts have the potential for a ‘most-seasons’ item of clothing. The combination of the plain goes-with-anything design, and the flexibility of these shorts make them an ideal base for a cycling wardrobe. For an extra £10 over the standard bibshorts you get quite a lot for your money.


TICCC Thermal Bibshorts 4

TIC Thermal Bibshorts have a longer leg length for extra protection against the elements.


If there is a perfect time of year for these Thermal Bibshorts, it’s now. I’m always a bit hesitant about getting the shorts out for the first time, preferring to stick to tights until I’m sure it’s warm enough. With these bibshorts it shouldn’t be a problem. Check back soon for a full review.


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