Feedback Sports Ride Prep Tool Kit
A handy nylon wallet ensures the Tool Kit is easily portable

Feedback Sports Ride Prep Tool Kit


Feedback Sports Ride Prep Tool Kit


Robert Matusek


A review of Feedback Sports Ride Prep Tool Kit


The Ride Prep Tool Kit is Feedback Sports ‘entry level’ tool kit. It consists of 12 tools and comes in a zipped nylon case.

Feedback Sports Ride Prep Tool Kit

The kit contains 12 good quality tools


The Ride Prep Tool kit contains 12 dedicated tools as follows:

  • Fixed 3-way TORX T25/27/30
  • Fixed 3-way Hex 2/2.5/3mm
  • Fixed 3-way Hex 4/5/6mm
  • L-Hex 8mm
  • #0 Phillips
  • Schrader core tool
  • Presta core tool
  • Valve extender wrench
  • Spoke wrench
  • Chain pin press
  • Rotor truing tool
  • Crank arm cap tool
  • Steel core tire levers
  • Brake pad spreader
  • 15mm pedal wrench
  • 15mm axle nut wrench


Just like the Feedback Sports Omnium Trainer the same fate happened to the Ride Prep Tool Kit too. All of a sudden there were lots of requests from neighbouring teams on the race venue. For sure, they all had their own tools. It’s just that due to its size, quality and ease of use, the Ride Prep Tool became the favoured child.


It goes without saying, the Tool Kit ended up donated to a deserving team with Feedback Sports blessing, which is a great thing. Those guys will make sure there won’t be any lack of daily use, and I will in the process receive a valuable first-hand, long-term feedback which I cannot provide due to the short period I tested it. But during this brief period of time, I can verify its robustness and stress-free handling. Although it’s an ‘entry level’ tool in Feedback Sports portfolio, the ease-of-use, workshop-quality and attention to detail is on par with tools higher in the ranks.


We were blessed with some nasty weather and the Tool Kit was exposed to the elements. We were staying in the race pits in pouring rain, and admittedly, the Ride Prep Tool Kit wasn’t treated appropriately. But, kudos to them – the Kit took the beating with no consequences.


Feedback Sports Ride Prep Tool Kit

A handy nylon wallet ensures the Tool Kit is easily portable


I spoke to Doug Hudson, the Founder/ President of Feedback Sports, as well as some of his staff whilst I was at Eurobike. I came to experience that his bright and positively infectious attitude is so contagious. They are, as far as how I see things, a very feedback [no pun intended] and customer resonance driven organization. Their involvement in race sport is, for the size of the company, remarkable. What really counts, in regard to sponsored athletes, is spreading the good word, being a transparent ambassador with sound integrity.  Race results are not of highest priority, rather a welcome bonus.


The word of mouth advertisement works in this case outstandingly. I experienced it first hand on the race venues, where their products had been recommended also by racers that are committed to other sponsors. Even team mechanics that had even a minor experience with Feedback Sports tools and Work Stands endorse them without hesitation.


There were only few occasions this tool reached its limits where sometimes a special tool was needed (but for those occasions there is the Feedback Sports Team Edition Tool Kit). I wouldn’t trade these missing tools for Ride Prep Tool Kit’s light weight and ‘nimbleness’ I’ve come to appreciate. The tool kit comes with a limited lifetime warranty to back up its great build quality.


The Ride Prep Tool Kit is basically a tool kit for fine-tuning. A trusted fellow for travelling. It’s always at hand, in a car, a race pit, essentially everywhere you need it the most and at the right time.



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