Dexshell waterproof socks
Dexshell waterproof socks

Dexshell Waterproof Socks Review

Dexshell Waterproof Socks Review


Simon Tuck


This is a review of waterproof socks and a neckwarmer from Dexshell.


Dexshell specialise in waterproof and windproof products with a Porelle membrane. I reviewed their Thermfit Neo gloves, Beanie Solo Waterproof and skull cap here. In that review I mentioned they also have a good range of socks. This month I’ve been testing Dexshell Waterproof Socks.


Dexshell’s Thermlite Socks are similar to the Thermfit Gloves I tested last Winter. They have a merino liner and a durable modal rayon outer layer, with a Porelle membrane between them. The Dexshell Ultra-Thin Socks are slightly thinner than the Thermlite socks and have a bamboo liner woven into a durable outer layer with the Porelle membrane inbetween. The Multi-Functional Neckwarmer is a polyester tube that can be used in various ways to protect your face, neck or head from the elements.


Dexshell Thermlite socks


Dexshell Thermlite Socks

The Thermlite socks are waterproof and the size is easy to see


Just like the Thermfit gloves, these socks feel more like a single layer rather than the plastic bag feel of several layers crinkling together of some waterproof socks I’ve used. The outside of these Thermlite socks is a bit softer than the gloves, they’re not too stretchy but they conform to the contours of your foot. They are quite thick and if your shoes are snug you might struggle, but to be fair they aren’t much thicker than my other Winter socks and they’re supple enough not to cause pressure points if you put them on in a rush and ruck them up.


The inner is soft merino which helped wick away sweat and prevents smells caused by bacteria. The socks are warm and their windproof feature helps keep the drafts out. I tucked the socks inside the neoprene ankle cuff of my Ekoi bibtights and they demonstrated how good they are at wicking sweat. At the end of a ride on a cold, dry day my feet were dry inside the socks. Between the outside of the sock and the neoprene cuff was a layer of sweat that had been drawn away from my foot and sat inside the neoprene of the tights. When you have several layers of waterproof materials you have to think about layering so the damp stays away from your skin. In this case having the Dexshell socks underneath anything else is the way to keep sweat and dampness on the outside of the socks.


Ultra Thin socks


Dexshell Ultra Thin crew Socks

There’s some new colours, this is one of them


The name of these socks is slightly misleading. They’re still thicker than a Summer sock, but not quite as thick as the Thermlite socks. The ultra thin socks are slightly longer than the Thermlite socks. The ankle cuff feels less restrictive on the Ultra-Thin socks, which might be good for those with diabetes.


Dexshell Waterproof Socks

Ultra-Thin on the left and Thermlite on the right


Bamboo has similar properties to merino. It insulates, and has anti-bacterial and wicking properties. The Ultra-Thin socks were up to the job when I wore them at 3 degrees a few weeks ago, although I did have overshoes on. In fact, with overshoes on, the waterproof properties of the Dexshell socks are more useful than you might think. Neoprene overshoes aren’t very breathable so a certain amount of sweat gets stuck inside them. With the Dexshell socks, moisture is wicked away from your skin and the waterproof outer keeps the sweat on the outside of the sock.


Multi-functional neckwarmer


Dexshell neck warmer

Neckwarmers are always handy to have in your jersey pocket


Neckwarmers are underrated. If you ride through Winter you will need one at some point. I find I keep a thin one in my jersey pocket most of Autumn and Winter too. If I was riding mountains in Summer I’d have one ready for descents too. You never know when you might need to stop out on the road and you’ll cool down, so it’s a good idea to have a spare layer to put on.


There’s few variations on the lowly neckwarmer. I’ve had a few windproof ones that were handy when I rode a motorbike, but I found they trapped the sweat with the effort of cycling. Sometimes the best things are the most simple. So here is a simple neckwarmer from Dexshell.


Unlike the rest of Dexshell’s products there’s no special features or materials used in the neckwarmer, but here’s why it’s good. It’s got a close weave so will stop the wind getting in, but it’s still breathable. You don’t want a thick or tight layer around your neck so the fit is loose. The Dexshell neckwarmer is quite long so you can pull it up over your ears or use it as a skull cap under your helmet if you need to keep warm. It dries quickly if it gets wet or sweaty because the material is thin, and it rolls up nice and small to squeeze in your jersey pocket. The Dexshell design is colourful and helps break up my winter outfit, which is mostly black.


Dexshell Ultra Thin Socks

Ultra-thin socks are also available in black




The only downside to these Dexshell waterproof socks is the time it takes them to dry after washing. I find it best to turn them inside out for a bit, then back the right way out to help speed the drying process up. Dexshell have done great things with the Porelle membrane. Having separate materials inside and outside the sock sounds odd, but they’ve made it work without creating a bulky monstrosity. I like small touches like having the size woven in so I can tell which ones are mine.


Dexshell accessories are a must have if you ride in the cold and the damp. As well as cycling I can see myself using them when I go out walking and boating, and if we get any snow they should be perfect for that too. I don’t know how long they stay waterproof, but the gloves I reviewed last year are still going strong after abusing them through last Winter and washing them countless times. They were still waterproof when I used them for pulling on cold, wet ropes whilst helping my friend tie up his boat a few weeks ago.


Dexshell glove

Dexshell glove still going strong


Dexshell Website


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